1. VNA Home Health Hospice Streamlines Patient Care Between Physicians And Home

    When home care providers at VNA Home Health Hospice (VNA) looked at ways to improve their already-successful telehealth program, they realized patient care could be improved by giving physicians the ability to monitor their patients’ health status, using VNA’s existing telehealth system.

  2. Telehealth Products And Services Utilized With High Success In Telemedicine Efficacy Study

    In January of 2011, the St. Alexius Medical Center (SAMC) and the Great Plains Telehealth Resource and Assistance Center (gpTRAC) joined forces to evaluate the potential of a new telehealth program. Their goal was to determine whether they could improve access and care for their many patients with chronic conditions who live in rural areas. In order to determine its effectiveness, SAMC and gpTRAC worked together to develop research parameters by which to quantify the results of the program.

  3. Records Management: THE Critical Program For Patient Safety And Business Success

    Managing information in the form of data, documents and records is arguably one of the most crucial activities for healthcare providers. Making critical strategic decisions, serving patients and their families, ensuring HIPAA compliance, and processing admissions, prescription, clinician and insurance transactions all depend on information that is easily accessible and entirely precise.

  4. Two Roads To Mobile Workforce Management: Choosing Between On-Premises And Cloud Delivery
    Companies with mobile workforces face two important technology trends. One is the use of mobile workforce management solutions that can add critical support to business strategies. The other is the growth of cloud-based solutions as an alternative to traditional on-premises deployment. Combining the two through cloud-based mobile workforce management can make sense, depending on the specific circumstances and goals of a company. By taking into account the technical market drivers and strategic considerations, a company can decide whether a cloud or traditional onpremises solution is the best fit.
  5. Are Your Forms Costing You?
    HSC, also known as the Hospital for Sick Children, is like most healthcare organizations feeling a strong push to go electronic. The hospital selected an EHR solution from HMS to address these initiatives in the clinical setting, however HSC had already identified another paper-laden challenge to address — preprinted forms.
  6. 5 Tips To Minimize The Impact Of Rising Fuel Costs In Field Service

    Since early 2009 the cost of fuel has doubled, with no reprieve in sight. For a typical service organization, this could result in additional annual costs of $2,500 per vehicle; bringing today’s cost to $5,000 per vehicle per year.

  7. Columbus Hospice Finds Perfect Remedy For Today’s Challenges: ADP’s Time And Labor Management Solution Delivers Improved Productivity And Patient Care, And Increased Revenue

    One area the hospice designated for improvement is the way it collects, calculates, and utilizes employee time and attendance data. It wanted a solution that would streamline administrative tasks, offer reporting flexibility, and easily interface with the hospice’s in-house payroll system. By Automatic Data Processing

  8. Provena Health’s Home Care Agencies Realize Dramatic Improvements In Patient Care And Company Profitability With Fujitsu Life-Book Notebooks

    Equip home care nurses with Fujitsu LifeBook P1500 Series notebooks and a patient information system to enable collection of patient information at the point of care. By Fujitsu

  9. Case Study: LifePath Hospice Depends On Fujitsu To Help Deliver 24 x 7 Palliative Care
    Fujitsu LifeBook® T4215 Tablet PCs provide healthcare providers with up-to-the-minute patient information and access to critical healthcare applications that run on the 35 Fujitsu PRIMERGY® servers deployed to power the organization’s datacenter and provide full disaster recovery. By Fujitsu
  10. Case Study: The Hospice Of Florida Suncoast Uses Fujitsu LifeBook Tablet PCs To Make Sure Patients Receive The Best Care Possible
    Equip hospice staff with Fujitsu LifeBook Tablet PCs, which are light, easy to use and less obtrusive than traditional notebooks. By Fujitsu