ResMed S7™ Lightweight CPAP

Source: ResMed
ResMed S7™ Lightweight CPAP
ResMed S7™ Lightweight CPAP
ResMed's S7 Lightweight complements the S7 Elite and AutoSet SpiritTM, providing the clinician and dealer with the benefits of a comprehensive CPAP line for the treatment of OSA. S7 Lightweight is sleek, quiet, and compact, making it a welcome addition to the bedroom or for the traveling patient.


-- Optional integrated humidification
-- Compliance Meter
-- Manual altitude adjustment
-- Pressure ramp
-- Intuitive LCD user interface


-- Streamlines inventory with common components for S7 and AutoSet Spirit platform
-- Simplifies employee training, and saves money when using S7 Elite or AutoSet Spirit
-- Fewer call-backs
-- Compliance meter meets mandatory Medicare requirement
-- Enhances therapy
-- Operates quietly for undisturbed sleep
-- Occupies minimal nightstand space
-- Is ideal for the traveling patient
-- Adapts to patient's lifestyle, instead of restricting it
-- Simple and cost effective