Featured News

  1. Partnership Formed To Reduce Readmission Rates

    The program will use real-time home data to curb ER visits and readmissions. By Christine Kern, contributing writer

  2. UAB Piloting Three-Year Dialysis Study Using Telemedicine

    An $180,000 grant allows peritoneal dialysis patients to check in via telemedicine. By Christine Kern, contributing writer

  3. Supreme Court To Rule On Healthcare Data

    The Supreme Court will soon make a decision regarding the collection of healthcare data that could affect 16 states. By Katie Wike, contributing writer

  4. Stay-At-Home ‘Physician Moms’ Provide Telehealth

    ‘Doctor Moms’ will provide answers to medical queries via text messages. By Christine Kern, contributing writer

  5. Provider Perspectives On The Future Of Healthcare

    A study reveals there are gaps in healthcare outlooks between providers and patients. By Christine Kern, contributing writer

  6. Medical Home Network Reduces Readmissions 25%

    A model of care program for Illinois Medicaid patients in Chicago is getting positive marks. By Christine Kern, contributing writer

  7. New Drug Could Boost Vaccine Efficacy In Elderly Patients

    Scientists at Oxford University have discovered a new compound which could potentially boost the immune systems of elderly patients and make their systems more receptive to vaccines, MedicalXpress reports.

  8. 5 Easy Steps Home Health Agencies Can Take To Thrive In 2015

    The great graying of America is officially underway. Nearly 300,000 of us are retiring every month and will do so until at least 2033, according to the U.S. Census Bureau. That’s a big deal. For the first time in history, there will be more Americans over 60 than under the age of five. From a purely logistical perspective, caring for this demographic will represent one of the greatest challenges we’ve ever faced as a nation. And while hospitals and care facilities will certainly bear their fair share of this responsibility, it’s home health and in-home care that will play the largest part in caring for these aging Americans. In fact, according to our internal estimates, by 2020, home health will eclipse all other segments of the healthcare industry to become the primary source of care across the country. By Chris Hester, CEO and founder, Kinnser Software

  9. DeSalvo Leaves ONC For HHS

    ONC National Coordinator for Health IT Karen DeSalvo is leaving the agency to help HHS with the response to Ebola. By Katie Wike, contributing writer

  10. Study: Medicaid Expansion Costs Surge Won't Last

    Cost and utilization increases are predicted to be predominantly temporary By Christine Kern, contributing writer