1. Healthcare Expense Management Experts Release White Paper On Shared Services
    “Rapid advances in technology and cuts in Medicare and Medicaid will force healthcare providers to reconfigure their traditional approaches to reign-in expenses”, according to Joe Colonna, CEO of Jackson, NJ based Strategic Initiatives In Healthcare, LLC.
  2. Case Study: Patient Care Units At Wake Forest
    Wake Forest University Baptist Medical Center, Winston- Salem, N.C., is one of the nation's preeminent academic medical centers and provides a range of acute care, rehabilitation and outpatient services. In 2001, the 830- bed facility evaluated whether to replace some of its patient care lavatory fixtures, which were plaguing the facility with ongoing maintenance problems.
  3. ViewWise
    Computhink's document management system ViewWise provides healthcare provider organizations with an efficient and highly secure solution to manage patient and other transactional records.
  4. Nursing Knowledge International Media Kit
    Nursing Knowledge International is devoted to being the single source of information nurses need to better their careers, job performance and patient outcomes.
  5. ProtégéTM Mask
    ProtégéTM Mask
  6. Elbow Stabilizer
    The Flex 8 Elbow Extension Stabilizer is designed to provide therapeutic relief for patients with chronic pain caused by epicondylitis, anterior capsulitis, biachioradialis strain, and UCL injury...
  7. Getaways Newsletter
    Sign Up for a Quarterly newsletter from Wheelchair Getaways, the leader in accessible van rentals...
  8. Hula for Health
    Hula for Health blends the graceful movements of hula into a unique fitness program that will improve your strength, flexibility and balance; both physical and spiritual
  9. Harloff Model 6132 5 Drawer Standard Value Line Emergency Cart Package with Key Lock
    Standard Features: Tall Cabinet (30 inches / 76.2cm) with key locking system. Vinyl-wrapped full wrap-around bumper system. Five-inch (12.7cm) urethane single-wheel caster set, full swivel – two with brake.
  10. New! Model 9701 Breakfast Buffet Cart
    The Breakfast Buffet Cart is designed to enhance your nutrition services program by allowing patients to see and choose from a variety of foods with a pleasant appearance...