Product Showcase

  1. Mattress Pad
    The Full Mattress Pad with Bedpost Hitch features high pressure and shear reduction that requires no pumps, electricity or special training to use
  2. Toddler Diaper Supply Wall Unit
    This version features natural-finish birch plywood to complement our new Toddler Changing Cabinet (WB0648).
  3. Disposable Blood Pressure Cuff
    Surgi-Cuf is an adult disposable blood pressure cuff designed for single-patient use and eliminates disinfection procedures...
  4. The MAXX™
    THE MAXX™ is a revolutionary new seating system that combines maximum pressure relief and positioning
  5. The CURVE™
    THE CURVE™ utilizes a high-density, polyurethane, molded foam
  6. The LOWRIDER™
    THE LOW RIDER™ dropseat is a high strength, molded polycarbonate drop seat with an exceptionally adjustable drop hook connection
  7. The Bounder
    The BOUNDER is one of the world's highest performance power wheelchairs
  8. Harloff Model 6725 Instrument & Procedures Cart
    Standard Features: Keylocking cabinet. 3"(7.6cm) swivel stem casters, two with brake. Two bottom shelves. One aluminum push handle.
  9. The PROTEC™ Series FOOT
    THE PROTEC™ FOOT Alleviates pressure while positioning the lower leg and foot
  10. Carb Cards for Kids
    Count Carbs with Carb Cards! A fun and easy way to learn or teach carbohydrate counting for children with diabetes or nutritional needs. Set of 54 flash cards depicting a variety of common foods, portion size, and carbohydrate amount, activity card and crayons.