Product Showcase

  1. Liquid Oxygen
    For patients whose lives are restricted by the constant need for supplementary oxygen, a combination of liquid oxygen dewer and a light weight portable flask is the answer
  2. Truly Portable Oxygen
    Weighing only 3.2 kilos when full, the PA2 portable cylinder can be worn in comfort for over 3 hours on the shoulder or as a backpack using the specially designed arrier
  3. Needlestick Prevention Device
    The device requires the use of one hand and is suitable for on wound usage...
  4. Safer-4-Staff Quick Draw Medication Vial Holster w/ Protective Sleeve
    A means of securing single use or multidose 10ml to 50 ml medication vials to the practitioner's arm/body with stability that allows medication to be drawn through the syringe without assistance from a second party.
  5. Wheelchair Accessible Van Rentals
    Wheelchair Getaways, Inc. provides wheelchair accessible van rentals for people with disabilities.
  6. Radley Barcode Data Collection for QAD
    More than ever, companies implementing Mfg/Pro are recognizing that Automatic Data Collection, including Bar Coding and Radio Frequency networks, is essential
  7. Heel Boot
    Showcasing the HCB2000 SofCare HeelCare Boot – SofCare air technology in a Boot
  8. Pelvic Muscle Toning Program
    StepFree is a pelvic muscle toning program for female bladder control
  9. Male Continence Device
    The C3 Male Continence Device features a contoured, cradle-like design and elastic strap that minimizes excessive pressure by distributing
  10. Powder-Free Exam Gloves
    AccuTouch is a non-chlorinated, powder-free, textured examination glove that is polymer-lined for quick and easy donning...