Product Showcase

  1. Couch Standing Aid
    The CouchCane acts as a standing aid from a couch, large chair, or recliner...
  2. Standing Device
    CarCaddie assists users getting in or out of vehicles, providing a secure object to grip while entering or exiting a car, van, or truck...
  3. Bed Seating Aid
    The BedCaddie is an aid for patients who have bad backs or other conditions that make sitting up in bed difficult...
  4. Pillowhold
    The Pillowhold has metal clips for "LONGER LASTING HOLDING POWER". They are specially designed for hospitals, nursing homes, private homes or anywhere they might be used for an extended length of time. The metal clips will not break or wear out.
  5. Oxygen on Holiday
    Air Products can provide an oxygen delivery and support service to you at your destination
  6. Cylinders
    A full range of standard and PD. Cylinders for use with existing headsets as well as innovative Integral Valve Cylinder
  7. Oxygen Concentrators
    Oxygen concentrators are prescribed by consultants for patients on long-term oxygen therapy
  8. Nebuliser Therapy
    In certain conditions, medication needs to be delivered directly into the airways and the lungs, where it can be absorbed more rapidly and more effectively than oral therapy
  9. AutoSet Spirit™ Autotitration Device
    AutoSet Spirit™ Autotitration Device
  10. Masks and Cannulea
    As well as Nebulisers, Air Products supply the accessories necessary to supply you with everything you need to fulfil your oxygen prescription