Case Studies & White Papers

  1. Case Study: Guardian Angel Homes Protects Against Unnecessary Labor Costs Time America
    Assisted Living Care Provider Gains Real-time Control of Time and Attendance with Web-based Labor Management
  2. Healthcare Expense Management Experts Release White Paper On Shared Services
    “Rapid advances in technology and cuts in Medicare and Medicaid will force healthcare providers to reconfigure their traditional approaches to reign-in expenses”, according to Joe Colonna, CEO of Jackson, NJ based Strategic Initiatives In Healthcare, LLC.
  3. Case Study: Patient Care Units At Wake Forest
    Wake Forest University Baptist Medical Center, Winston- Salem, N.C., is one of the nation's preeminent academic medical centers and provides a range of acute care, rehabilitation and outpatient services. In 2001, the 830- bed facility evaluated whether to replace some of its patient care lavatory fixtures, which were plaguing the facility with ongoing maintenance problems.
  4. Physician visits increase for older patients
    A Centers for Disease Control and Prevention survey on doctor visits reveals that while Americans overall visited the doctor at about the same rate from 1985 through 1999...
  5. Brain stimulator eases severe chronic pain
    A prescription brain stimulator is easing severe chronic pain without the side effects of drugs...
  6. Needle-free Injection Device Eliminates Threat of Needlesticks
    Driven by carbon dioxide, the system can deliver either subcutaneous or intramuscular injections...
  7. Wireless Technology Helps Home Health Nurses Deliver Patient Care
    SUN Home Health Services, a nonprofit visiting nurse association, plans to use cellular technology to help deliver healthcare to patients in Pennsylvania’s rural areas...