Business Wire

  1. Bay Area Company Recognized For Excellence In IT Leadership
    Doctors’ Administrative Solutions, LLC (DAS) has been recognized for its outstanding work in the Tampa Bay area as a finalist for the Excellence in IT Leadership Award by IT Florida
  2. CaraVita Home Care Implements ORTEC’s Workforce Scheduling Solution
    ORTEC announces that CaraVita Home Care has implemented ORTEC’s Workforce Scheduling Solution, ORTEC Harmony, to optimize their Caregiver’s work schedules
  3. Study Shows Seniors Adapt Well To Remote Monitoring Technology
    A new research report released today by Healthsense and NewCourtland Elder Services concludes that seniors who rely on remote monitoring technology to help them remain secure and independent adapt well to living with the technology and do not see it as intrusive or impersonal
  4. AmeriChoice By UnitedHealthcare And Community Health Center, Inc. Sign Contract To Provide Services To Charter Oak, HUSKY Beneficiaries
    AmeriChoice by UnitedHealthcare and Community Health Center, Inc. (CHC), today announced an agreement that will provide beneficiaries of Connecticut’s Charter Oak and HUSKY health insurance programs with access to CHC’s outstanding teams of primary care providers across the state of Connecticut
  5. Three Guidelines To Follow For Healthy Aging From Homewatch CareGivers
    September marks a major annual opportunity for all caregivers and their families across the US to promote wellness among older Americans during Healthy Aging Month