Wheelchair Getaways, Inc. announces a change of ownership and expansion in the state of New York

Source: Wheelchair Getaways
Wheelchair Getaways, the nation's largest renter of wheelchair and scooter accessible vans, announces the change of ownership and expansion of its services to cover the state of New York. James Lyons and John E. Barchella, Jr. recently purchased the franchise and will operate the business from its new location in Poughkeepsie, New York, providing delivery throughout the state of New York.

Wheelchair Getaways offers customers many unique services and options, including a choice between renting full-size or mini-vans with automatic ramps and lifts. Larger commercial vehicles are also available to nursing homes, paratransit and other companies providing transportation to persons with disabilities. Additional services include vehicle delivery and pick-up to the customer's specifications, long and short-term van rentals, and 24-hour emergency assistance.

As a result of a physical disability, Jim has been a wheelchair user and can relate to the challenges facing his customers. He is eager to provide accessible transportation services to wheelchair users in the state of New York. "During my recovery, I did not know about Wheelchair Getaways. Renting a van during that time would have changed my life," Jim said. The company is an ideal service for business or pleasure travel, medical appointments, or weekend trips.

"We are dedicated to providing every customer with safe, convenient van rental anytime, anywhere. Jim and his team of professionals are a great addition to the organization," said Richard Gatewood, President of Wheelchair Getaways.
Select customized vans available through Wheelchair Getaways are equipped with hand controls and transfer seats, wheelchair securing systems, raised roofs or lowered floors, the capacity for one or two wheelchairs/scooters, front and rear heat and air conditioning, and seating for up to four additional passengers. The vans can be rented on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. Wheelchair Getaways of New York State is also a great source for purchasing new and used accessible vans.

Wheelchair Getaways, Inc. offers service to over 450 cities throughout the United States. It is the premier provider of transportation services to wheelchair and scooter users, and is committed to providing the highest quality products and services. For reservations in New York call 866-725-1803 or call 1-800-642-2042 for nationwide reservations. Individuals may obtain additional information about Wheelchair Getaways by visiting the company's web site at www.wheelchairgetaways.com or by calling the corporate headquarters at 1-800-536-5518.

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