Wearable Data Storage Device

Source: SanDisk Corporation
The Personal Information Carrier (PIC) is a wearable data storage device
SanDisk Corporationl Information Carrier (PIC) is a wearable data storage device that is match-book size, has solid state (no moving parts) flash memory cards weighing only 2 g, and has a low-cost, easily integrated serial interface.

The device stores an abridged, electronic version of the individual's electronic medical record. The PIC will serve as the primary medical data source about the individual in settings where computer network connectivity to larger databases is not available, providing in-the-field health care providers with immediate access to the patient's most important clinical data.

Personal medical data is written to the prior to deployment. If a service member requires medical attention in the field, medical personnel will use a desktop or laptop PC, to access, up-date, and add to the service member's medical data stored on the device. Once the service member reaches a location in which connectivity to more centralized data storage is available, the PIC data will be used to up-date these larger centralized databases, from which population analyses can later be conducted. The device provides for systematic availability of baseline medical information in a military theater of operations, as well as more complete and reliable capture of data about the care received in the field.

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