News | October 21, 2016

VNA Homecare And Health Recovery Solutions (HRS) Partner To Transform Traditional Approaches To Orthopedic And Post-Partum Care Management

VNA Homecare’s program includes the development of new care models using HRS remote monitoring platform for orthopedic post-surgical patients and postpartum patients.

Syracuse, NY (PRWEB) - VNA Homecare partners with Health Recovery Solutions (HRS) to slash post-orthopedic surgery episodes of care from 60 days to 30 days and improve post-partum care outcomes by implementing an innovative remote monitoring platform.

VNA Homecare is a leading home health agency in Central Upstate New York that pursues innovation to provide patients with high-quality, individualized care. In early 2016, VNA Homecare partnered with HRS to provide a telehealth platform to patients that supports innovation in monitoring chronic disease, post-surgical recovery, and post-partum health. HRS’s platform provides disease-specific education as well as the use of wireless biometric devices in order to track patients’ progress and enable clinicians to provide patient focused support. “HRS’s platform aligns with VNA Homecare’s commitment to promoting the health and independence of those they serve,” states HRS CEO Jarrett Bauer.

VNA Homecare is no stranger to being a leader in innovation, having recently won Managed Long Term Care Technology Demonstration, a technology grant for managed long term care. The agency has big plans for advancing its telehealth strategy. “This is not your traditional telehealth,” explains Andrea Lazarek-LaQuay, Chief Clinical Officer. “We are transforming our model of care delivery and using technology in different ways to engage and empower patients and family members.”

The basic functions of traditional telehealth such as monitoring patient vital signs and symptoms and proactively addressing patient issues are critical for the success of the program. “VNA Homecare now wants to grow the telehealth program using the HRS platform beyond the basics to innovatively change patient care practice models for improved care outcomes,” reflects Bauer.

VNA Homecare’s program includes the development of new care models using HRS remote monitoring platform for orthopedic post-surgical patients and post-partum patients. The new models utilize HRS software to augment patient visits and increase provider-patient contact while decreasing patient recovery time. The goal is to change a traditional 60-day episode of care into a front-loaded 30-day episode, allowing for expanded use of agency resources, forging closer connections between patients and providers – all while monitoring for early signs of patient issues.

The partnership’s ambitious goals are reflected in positive outcomes in the past year of the HRS program. VNA Homecare has implemented telehealth as a tool to support patient and family engagement, enhance the patient experience and decrease overall readmission rates. Kenneth Chrestler, an RN Case Manager at VNA Homecare, praised the HRS system for being an engaging and intuitive platform. He sums up the partnership by saying, “Our patients love using the HRS system, and the advanced data analytics features allow VNA Homecare to take a population health management approach to transforming and improving patient care. HRS allows our patients to take an active role in their healthcare while incorporating new technologies which will become the new standard in health promotion, education, and preventive care."

For more information about Health Recovery Solutions (HRS), visit or call (347) 699-6HRS.

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