News | March 18, 2021

Vitalchat's Telemedicine Software Connects Providers, Patients And Families On Any Device, Hands-Free

Vitalchat launches of new touchless telehealth platform that integrates with existing workflows and leverages commodity devices (iPad/tablet, WOW, cart, in-room TV, computer, phone) affordably.

Phoenix, AZ (PRWEB) - Vitalchat is excited to announce the launch of their telehealth platform built to integrate with existing workflows and leverage any commodity device (iPad/tablet, WOW, cart, in-room TV, computer, phone) at a fraction of the cost of other solutions.

Founded by telemedicine and healthcare veterans, Vitalchat set out to solve the most pressing issues commonly found in existing telemedicine solutions. It started with developing, from the ground up, a new patented software platform that supports “touchless” telemedicine visits and can be affordably deployed anywhere with unlimited scale – from the patient room to the home.

“After being involved with hundreds of telemedicine implementations, the challenges associated with managing unwieldly carts and tablets, adapting clinical workflows to support existing telemedicine product limitations, and expensive pricing burdened clinicians, staff, IT, and patients. We knew we needed something different” said Dr. Alan Pitt, Vitalchat’s Chief Strategy Officer.

The Vitalchat platform doesn’t rely on expensive third-party reliance and fees. It is API-rich to support quick and easy integrations into existing workflows. Couple that with support for BYOD (Bring Your Own Device), Vitalchat can be deployed using low-cost commodity hardware – reducing implementation times drastically. Additional features include SmartView, an AI powered patient monitoring application and e-Sitter.

Most importantly, the whole experience is touchless--requiring zero management from staff and full provider control over visits.

“The future of telehealth means putting a camera in every space that is valuable enough for telehealth and making it effortless for staff to use at a price that is actually affordable. Vitalchat is that future,” said Pitt.

About Vitalchat
Vitalchat is a transformational telemedicine software that can be quickly deployed for minimal cost, utilizing new or existing hardware—equipping healthcare teams with an efficient and safe means to connect patients to physicians, care teams and family. With high affordability combined with technology and hardware flexibility, Vitalchat makes it easy to improve OR efficiency, quickly deploy isolation units, provide integrative care in PCP offices and rural clinics, augment Senior Care with provider access and family engagement and enable hospital at home.

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