News | February 26, 2024

VerifiNow Launches PatientVerifi, A Patient Identity Verification Solution For Telehealth Providers

PatientVerifi Ensures Accurate Patient Identification During Virtual Healthcare Sessions, Mitigating the Risks Associated with Identity Fraud

Pasadena, CA /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ - As the demand for telehealth services surges, VerifiNow announces the launch of PatientVerifi at the ViVE Digital Health Conference in Los Angeles. PatientVerifi is an advanced solution to meet the increasingly crucial need for secure patient identity verification in virtual healthcare.

Telehealth's exponential growth necessitates a parallel evolution in patient identity verification. PatientVerifi ensures the patient behind the screen is verified and authenticated with the highest accuracy, preserving the integrity of healthcare services.

"PatientVerifi brings unparalleled security and trust to virtual healthcare," said Paul Velusamy, founder, VerifiNow. "With advanced biometric checkpoints, PatientVerifi ensures accurate patient authentication and effectively reduces the risks of prescription misuse and insurance fraud while enhancing compliance with healthcare regulations, thereby protecting patients and providers alike."

Incorrect patient identification in telemedicine can lead to malpractice claims due to misdiagnosis or wrong treatment, insurance fraud, and denial of claims. The issue poses severe HIPAA compliance risks while potentially resulting in increased insurance premiums and damaging the trust-based provider-patient relationship. $68 billion is lost annually due to healthcare fraud committed by medical providers, patients, and others who intentionally deceive the system primarily for financial gain, says the NHCAA (National Health Care Anti-Fraud Association).

Further, the DEA (Drug Enforcement Administration) has implemented regulations to address the rise of telehealth services, which include stipulations for the prescription of controlled substances. Providers must ensure proper patient identification, especially when prescribing medications that require a higher level of scrutiny. These requirements are part of the DEA's efforts to maintain patient safety while allowing the convenience of telehealth to support patient care. As many telehealth providers scramble to meet the DEA's Dec. 31, 2024 deadline, PatientVerifi is designed to facilitate secure, efficient, and compliant virtual care.

PatientVerifi features include:

  • Advanced Biometric Technologies: PatientVerifi utilizes voice biometrics, facial recognition, and liveness detection to accurately verify patient identities, ensuring the person on the other end of the telehealth session is who they claim to be
  • HIPAA Compliance: PatientVerifi adheres to the stringent privacy and security standards set by HIPAA, safeguarding patient data
  • Prevention of Prescription Misuse: PatientVerifi plays a critical role in ensuring prescriptions for controlled substances are issued correctly, addressing a key concern in telepsychiatry
  • Seamless Integration: PatientVerifi is platform agnostic and integrates effortlessly with video platforms widely used for telehealth, including Zoom and Microsoft Teams, enhancing the patient experience without compromising security.

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