Ultra Bili Light Model 2000

Source: PEP, Physician Engineered Products Inc.

Ultra Bili Light Model 2000
Ultra Bili Light Model 2000
Highest Therapy Level Available
2400 PTUs (Phototherapy Treatment Units)
Use of Intermittent Therapy
Needs no eye patches, therefore there is no corneal pressure or scratching, no suffocation danger, and visual bonding can continue with parents during treatment.
High Therapeutic Level
Treats at 50 mw/cm. sq/nm. These treatments will bring a high bili-rubin down faster than any other unit and shorten overall treatment time to 2 days. It also brings high bili levels down quickly, often from 18-20 down to 15 in 24 hours.
Computer Controlled Temperature System
  • Thermostatic controls warm and cool baby as need and add a degree of safety.
  • Warns of potential hypo or hyperthermia.
  • Heating unit will maintain a minimum temperature of 75 degrees.
  • Low Temp light warns of cool conditions.
  • Unit will display warning lamp and sound audible alarm if the temperature in the unit exceeds 98 degrees F.
  • Baby bed will pre-heat as needed.
    15 pounds.
    No Light Meter Required
    Our design saves you hundreds of dollars by not requiring a light meter.
    Rigid triangular design is virtually tip-proof.
    Unit always ready to use, no pieces left at last location.
    20 Second Setup
    By far the easiest in the industry.
    Compact - Fits in Crib
    The best place for delivering treatment.
    Easy Clean-up
    No cracks or seams in baby bed. Flat surface lens to cover lamps rather than individually wrapped lamps.
    Hour Meter
    Non-resettable hour meter keeps track of usage and lamp life.
    One year against defects in material or workmanship.
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