Source: The Rehab Company
Mount a WAVE SERIES™ VISCO-BACK to any wheelchair in minutes

  • The VISCO-BACK™ version of THE WAVE with high loft, Visco-elastic memory foam that adapts to bony prominences and areas of high pressure. (16 or 22 inch heights)
  • Traveling is made easy with a Quick-Latch™ system that allows for a fast and easy vertical removal of THE WAVE™.
  • Contoured, high tensile and impact strengh Kydex shell. Three inch deep lateral wings for support and stablility.
  • Sure-Chek FUSION™ fabric is designed specifically for pressure relief and comfort. It's multi-directional stretch helps alleviate pressure on boney prominences. Waterproof, machine washable, flame retardant,latex free, and anti-bacterial.
  • Seat depth is adjustable from 1' to 3' depending on the wheelchair.
  • Any model of THE WAVE™ can be ordered with a multi-axis, fully articulating headrest. Custom headrest pads are available.

Allows you to create a custom fit. Mount a WAVE SERIES™ VISCO-BACK to any wheelchair in minutes. Standard mounting hooks allow for a recline from neutral to 10 degrees; longer hooks are available which can recline THE WAVE up to 20 degrees.

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