News | August 17, 2022

The Good Clinic Partners With Athenahealth To Empower Providers And Patients To Engage In Personalized, Relationship-Driven Healthcare At Scale


athenahealth, Inc., a leading provider of network-enabled software and services for medical groups and health systems nationwide, today announced that The Good Clinic, LLC, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Mitesco, Inc., will leverage athenaOne® to support its rapid growth and meet consumer demand for accessible, relationship-driven primary care services. The Good Clinic selected athenahealth’s integrated, cloud-based solution, which offers electronic health records (EHR), healthcare billing, patient engagement, and telehealth capabilities, to deliver an effective, multichannel patient experience and efficient provider workflows that maximize its ability to offer personalized, whole-person healthcare services.

The Good Clinic™ is a tech-forward primary care practice staffed by experienced nurse practitioners who are focused on preventive care via both in-person and virtual care options. Founded in 2020, The Good Clinic operates six clinics in Minnesota with plans to open two clinics in Colorado this year and expand to 50 clinics operating nationwide within the next three years. The Good Clinic differentiates itself from competitors in various ways, such as offering patients longer consultation times, locating clinics at the retail level in densely populated residential buildings, offering same-day and next-day appointments, and providing a wide range of both traditional and non-traditional health and wellness options.

“We’re very much focused on looking at patients as consumers and meeting their preferences for accessible, whole-person care,” said Bradley Case, president of The Good Clinic. “According to the Kaiser Family Foundation, in the United States one-fourth of all adults and nearly half of adults under 30 do not have a relationship with a primary care provider. Our unique model and convenient locations enable our providers to have the conversations that establish meaningful relationships with our clients to advocate for their long-term health and wellness goals.”

athenaOne provides The Good Clinic with access to a nimble, cloud-based healthcare solution that reduces IT and administrative burden for staff and allows them to focus on maximizing clinical outcomes and financial performance. Further, with athenaTelehealth – a fully EHR-embedded virtual care tool – in every exam room, providers can easily conduct telehealth visits without disruption to normal workflows or focus on the patient. This helps the practice maximize its schedules while providing a convenient, flexible, and positive patient experience. In addition, The Good Clinic will enable multichannel, symmetrical, and asymmetrical patient engagement tools, such as text and email messaging, a patient portal for online scheduling and viewing health records, and more, to encourage patient participation in their health and well-being.

“Based on reviews, our clients are very satisfied with their experience and outcomes, and our providers consistently say, ‘This is how I wanted to practice when I became a clinician,’” continued Case. “We saw our accelerating growth, and recognized we needed to upgrade sooner to an EHR that gives us the scalability, connectivity, and end-to-end functionality we need to continue to deliver an empowering provider and patient experience, and that’s what athenahealth helps us do.”

“We are proud to support The Good Clinic and Mitesco, a pioneer in utilizing the expertise of nurse practitioners to provide primary care on a national scale,” said Bret Connor, EVP and chief operating officer for athenahealth. “The Good Clinic’s innovative business model differentiates it from the competition, and through athenaOne and athenaTelehealth, I’m confident it will continue to disrupt the healthcare industry.”

About athenahealth, Inc.

athenahealth creates innovative healthcare technology that connects clinicians, patients, payers, and partners in differentiated ways. Our electronic health records, revenue cycle management, and patient engagement tools allow anytime, anywhere access, driving better financial outcomes for our customers and enabling our provider customers to deliver better quality care. In everything we do, we’re inspired by our vision to create a thriving ecosystem that delivers accessible, high-quality, and sustainable healthcare for all. For more information, please

About Mitesco, Inc. and The Good Clinic, LLC

Mitesco is building a next-generation healthcare solution, providing healthcare services and technology, to make healthcare more accessible, higher quality, and more affordable. The Mitesco team has extensive experience in building successful growth situations within the healthcare industry, using both organic and acquisition growth strategies. Mitesco embraces that when consumers’ expectations are exceeded the business performance does so as well. Mitesco operations and subsidiaries include The Good Clinic, LLC (“The Good Clinic”). A wholly owned subsidiary of Mitesco, Inc. (, The Good Clinic, LLC is a tech-forward, whole-person primary care practice that co-partners with clients ages 12 and older. Staffed by experienced nurse practitioners focused on preventive care, The Good Clinic™ offers clients routine medical care, chronic condition management, acute care, and wellness care services with both in-person and virtual care options. Founded in 2020 and operating six Minnesota clinics with plans to expand nationwide, the executive team includes the key clinical and operational professionals who brought MinuteClinic to scale.

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