The Bounder

Source: 21st Century Scientific, Inc.

The Bounder
The BOUNDER is one of the world's highest performance power wheelchairs
The BOUNDER is one of the world's highest performance power wheelchairs! The chair, with optional Super Torque 3 motors and brakes, is routinely configured for top speeds of about 10 MPH (16.1 kph). Speeds in excess of 12 MPH are offered for certain classes of users; slower configurations are available to meet special user needs. Control is fully proportional. Drive train ratios and program parameters can be adjusted in the field for slower top speeds.
Driving range is excellent: up to 45 miles per charge (individual range may vary depending on actual driving conditions). A Sliding Dual Group 27 Battery Box is standard. It will accommodate 85 AHr deep cycle Gel-Cell (recommended) or 105 AHr deep cycle Lead-Acid Group 27 batteries.
Strength and durability are built into all BOUNDER chairs. The rugged TIG welded frame utilizes .065" and .120" wall steel tubing for uncompromised strength and durability. The standard 12 Position Adjustable Suspension Fork, made of ¼" thick steel, provides impact dampening and seat tilt adjustment. Super Duty caster barrels and even solid bar stock can be installed in portions of the frame that require added strength.

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