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Team Select Enhances Long-Term Pediatric Homecare With Cubhub

Dallas, TX /PRNewswire/ - Since 2018, Team Select has been at the forefront of transforming long-term pediatric homecare through its partnership with Cubhub, the premier pediatric homecare software provider. This collaboration has revolutionized care for children requiring long-term support, significantly improving operational efficiency and patient outcomes.

The demand for specialized, long-term pediatric homecare is on the rise, with an estimated 500,000 children in the United States needing continuous care. Team Select, supported by Cubhub's innovative solutions, meets this critical need by providing high-quality, personalized care, allowing children to thrive in their homes.

Cubhub's platform streamlines Team Select's processes, from communication and scheduling to billing and reporting, enabling the delivery of efficient and effective care. This focus on operational excellence ensures that Team Select's caregivers can concentrate on what matters most: the well-being of the children and families they serve.

"Cubhub's role in our mission has been pivotal," states Fred Johnson, President and CEO at Team Select. "Their technology not only enhances our operations but also empowers us to offer better long-term care. It's about giving children the opportunity to live their best lives, with the support they need, in the comfort of their homes."

Cole Ballweg, CEO of Cubhub, echoes this sentiment, stating, "Our partnership with Team Select is a testament to our shared vision for a future where every child receiving long-term care does so with the best support system possible. Cubhub is proud to contribute to this vision by offering solutions that not only simplify operational complexities but also enhance care delivery, ensuring children with long-term care needs have the opportunity to live their best lives."

About Cubhub
Cubhub offers cutting-edge software solutions tailored for pediatric home health care and is driving innovation that transforms how our customers do business. Cubhub is committed to empowering agencies with automation tools that foster efficiency and bring the focus back to patient care. To discover what Cubhub can do for your agency, visit

About Team Select
Team Select has been committed to changing lives for the better through compassionate, quality in-home care for over 15 years. Team Select offers long-term adult care, long-term pediatric care, and personal care services for families across America.

Source: Cubhub Systems

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