Suspension Boot

Source: DM Systems, Inc.

Suspension Boot
The Heelift Smooth Boot is specifically designed for edematous legs

The Heelift Smooth Boot is specifically designed for edematous legs. It is made from new soft, yet firm medical grade foam that gently cradles, cushions, and elevates the lower leg and foot while minimizing any chance for irritation or pressure points. The heel is actually suspended in air, thereby promoting heel ulcer relief and faster healing.

Also offered by DM Systems is the AnkleTough 8-Pack & Heeliflt Smooth Boot. The AnkleTough Rehab System has been used and recommended by physicians, physical therapists, athletic trainers, occupational therapists and other professionals for the prevention and treatment of ankle sprains and strains. The original system pack, comprised of one each of the four color-coded resistive tension straps, will continue to be offered; but for those rehab professionals who prefer to purchase a limited resistance offering based on their typical patient profile, the new cost effective 8-packs will fill the requirement.

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