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White Paper: Strategic Mobile Deployments

Source: Sybase iAnywhere
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This white paper explains how to adopt a mobile enterprise application platform and highlights how two innovative companies, Delta Technology and Energy & Combustion Services, are deploying mobility initiatives to gain a competitive advantage. It also features research from Gartner Inc.

It wasn't so long ago that mobile devices were cool – objects of envy among those who were tied to their desktops. As cool as they were, as these devices began to appear in the workplace, they were not immediately welcomed by IT departments and not considered part of the enterprise. In fact, in many organizations, the devices were considered rogue elements – more a cause of consternation than of celebration.

Fast-forward just a few years and the mobile enterprise is now mainstream. Not only are mobile devices ubiquitous in most organizations, but the approach to dealing with these devices is evolving from administering siloed, one-off, tactical deployments to managing strategic deployments that are integrated into the overall enterprise.