Freeware | November 4, 1999

Solutions BASIC Demo for Windows 95

Source: Streamline Software Systems
Solutions BASIC allows for the easy entry of information in the environment of a virtual paperless office until the final product is printed. This means that corrections and errors may be corrected in an efficient manner that saves time, labor and money. The system includes all the standard documentation that is required for the home health care office, but each is developed so that it is "billable" without other documentation needed. It is an up to date system that includes an interactive OASIS system since statistical data is soon to be required by Palmetto. Billing is simple, and checked by the software program to remind you when a mistake has been detected... and you know how costly in time that can be when dealing with Medicare and Medicaid. Recertifications become a breeze along with all documentation needed from admission through the discharge of the patient that is as easily entered or corrected, if needed, as a word processor.