Sleep Aid Pillow

Source: LifeSleep Systems, Inc.
Sleep Aid Pillow
PillowPositive is a custom-fit pillow that serves as a sleeping aid
PillowPositive is a custom-fit pillow that serves as a sleeping aid. The pillow allows for an optimal sleeping position either on one's back or side, according to the company. The product is FDA-cleared to treat snoring, and to treat mild obstructive sleep apnea (OSA).

The pillow positions the head and neck in a cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) position to open the blocked airway of the person who snores or has OSA. The pillow, which has two components, is designed to alleviate these problems. The top part is made of "memory foam." When pressed down, the pillows returns to its original position in a specific period of time. The memory foam, which is made of a proprietary material, supports the head. The bottom part of the pillow is made of standard urethane foundation foam.

The pillow has a variety of other features, including ear wells intended to position the body for side sleep and help keep the ears cool, as well as removable inserts intended to optimize neck support. Researchers have evaluated the product in three clinical trials. Two trials showed a 25% reduction in mild OSA, and the other trial showed a 25% increase in airway opening.

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