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SHL Telemedicine Expands Offering In Israel With Groundbreaking At-Home Biomarker Blood Test

Tel Aviv & Zurich & New York, NY (BUSINESS WIRE) - SHL Telemedicine Ltd. (NASDAQ: SHLT, SIX: SHLTN;) ("SHL" or the "Company"), a leading provider and developer of advanced personal telemedicine solutions, is proud to announce that it has expanded its offering in Israel to include the groundbreaking ability to perform at-home Biomarker blood tests.

This diagnostic tool is designed to rapidly identify cardiac markers for detection of a heart attack, transforming emergency cardiac care with speed and precision. Following concerns of a cardiac event, the addition of the Biomarker test provides a comprehensive snapshot, similar to an emergency room assessment, by combining this novel blood test with a detailed medical history (anamnesis) and a 12-lead ECG transmission. This trio of diagnostic elements, now all available from home with SHL Telemedicine, will aid in identifying cardiac events quickly during the critical symptomatic phase, thus helping save lives.

When a potential cardiac event is suspected, the Biomarker test is administered as the final step in the diagnosis process, following anamnesis and ECG broadcasting. SHL's telemedicine team guides the patient in real-time on how to perform the blood test and continues support until emergency medical services arrive. Results from the Biomarker test are available within ten minutes1.

"The ability to perform at-home Biomarker blood tests in Israel is a significant advancement in our mission to revolutionize accessible cardiac care," said Erez Nachtomy, CEO of SHL Telemedicine. "This innovative approach not only speeds up the process of diagnosing heart attacks but also significantly enhances the safety and efficacy of at-home cardiac monitoring," Nachtomy added.

About SHL Telemedicine
SHL Telemedicine is engaged in developing and marketing personal telemedicine systems and the provision of medical call center services, with a focus on cardiovascular and related diseases, to end users and to the healthcare community. SHL Telemedicine offers its services and personal telemedicine devices to subscribers utilizing telephonic and Internet communication technology. SHL is listed on the SIX Swiss Exchange (SHLTN, ISIN: IL0010855885, Security No.: 1128957) and on the Nasdaq Stock Exchange (SHLT, ISIN: US78423T2006, CUSIP: 78423T200).

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1 The at-home Biomarker test is cleared for use in Israel.

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