News | August 22, 2022

Sena Health Partners With Salem Medical Center For Launch Of Salem Acute Care At Home

An Innovative Program that Provides Hospital Level Care in the Patient's Home

Philadelphia, PA /PRNewswire/ - Sena Health is pleased to announce that it has been selected to support the "Salem Acute Care at Home" Program. This Program combines expert care and advanced technology to provide non-fragmented services, focusing on patient needs in the comfort of their home.

"Salem Acute Care at Home" allows eligible patients to remain at home while receiving hospital-level care from physicians and nurses. During the episode of care, patients receive in person home visits and have telehealth encounters with trained health care providers. Remote patient monitoring using high-tech equipment is employed and patients have contact with Care Coordinators around the clock. Access to the Coordinators in the Sena Command Center is available to patients and their families 24/7/365.

"The Sena team offers a turnkey solution to our partners to deliver Hospital level care in the comfort of their patients' home," said Dr Anthony Wehbe, CEO of Sena Health. "We know healthcare leaders have many competing priorities, and we want to make this an easy process to setup a Healing at Home program."

To be enrolled in the Salem Acute Care at Home Program, patients must be seen and evaluated in the Emergency Department and meet certain eligibility criteria to be safely cared for at home. During their time in the Program, patients receive at least two in-person nursing visits per day, and they connect with dedicated members of the clinical team, just as they would in a hospital.

"The Salem Acute Care at Home program allows us to deliver high quality care to the diverse communities we serve," said Dr. Tammy Torres, CEO of Salem Medical Center. The program saw its first patient in July and was able to support her and her family at home. "We cared for a patient with congestive heart failure in the comfort of her home, where otherwise she would have been admitted to the hospital," said Dr Wamiq Sultan, Chief Medical Officer of Salem Medical Center. "The patient, family, and clinician experience were seamless, as we all felt continuously supported by the team at Sena Health."

The program will continue to support the local communities of Salem County and beyond, as they add more services in the home.

About Sena Health
Sena Health enables healing at home for many medical conditions that would typically require a hospital stay. The Care Coordinators facilitate the seamless delivery of up to 23 hospital level services into customers' homes according to their needs and preferences. The Care Coordination Center is available 24/7/365 to help patients stay connected and get all the services and products they need for healing at home. Sena supports its partners by offering a turnkey solution to strategizing and developing their unique local healing at home program.

About Salem Medical Center
With 100 years of service to the Salem County area, Salem Medical Center is committed to continuing its mission of providing quality health care to each and every patient. We are dedicated to growing new services. Salem Medical Center will keep a focus on making the services that we provide reflective of the evolving needs of the population we serve.

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