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Scanbase Revolutionizes At-Home Healthcare With AI-Powered Diagnostic Solutions

San Francisco, CA /PRNewswire/ - Scanbase, an innovative computer vision company, is spearheading the transformation of at-home healthcare through cutting-edge computer vision solutions tailored for diagnostic companies.

Founded in June 2022 by industry veterans Jeffrey Lange, former Head of Design at Scanwell Health and Director of Product Innovation at Becton Dickinson, and Steve Roger, a Lead Software Engineer from LinkedIn, Scanbase is creating waves in the diagnostic, medical, and healthcare domains.

About Scanbase
Scanbase offers users instantaneous results on at-home tests using simple devices such as smartphones, tablets, or computers. Notably, the company has engineered a solution for the immediate analysis of mail-in lab dried blood sample (DBS) cards.

Key Features:
Test Result Verification: Using advanced computer vision and AI algorithms, Scanbase can analyze images of Lateral Flow and Colorimetric Tests to ascertain their results, and detect low positives, or faint lines, beyond what the human eye is capable of detecting.

Blood Sample Verification: The company's groundbreaking technology can validate dried blood spot cards' adequacy and proper sample collection and drastically reduce errors among sample collection.

What sets Scanbase apart?
What sets Scanbase distinctly apart in the market is its plug-and-play medical diagnostic analysis API. This technology offers integration capabilities that companies can leverage within days.

Why Scanbase?
In an era where the demand for at-home medical solutions is surging, Scanbase stands tall with its holistic and easily integrable systems. Its proficiency in Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML), and vast data handling capabilities guarantees precision and convenience. Besides, Scanbase's comprehensive solutions range from mobile to web apps, ensuring maximum reach and usability.

Key Benefits:

  • Users rejoice with instant at-home results.
  • Clients observe an unprecedented enhancement in customer experience.
  • Real-time tracking of user results becomes a reality for clients.
  • Hospitals and labs receive rapid software upgrades to replace obsolete software
  • Target Audience & Availability

Scanbase caters predominantly to users of at-home test kits, covering both lateral flow and colorimetric variants, as well as tests that rely on dried blood spot collection. Given its universal applicability, Scanbase proudly announces its global availability, ensuring no boundaries limit its vision of reshaping healthcare. Furthermore, Scanbase provides rapid software upgrade solutions for hospitals and labs aiming to replace their obsolete software.

What's New & Future Endeavours
Recently, Scanbase expanded its repertoire and now supports more than 40 at-home lateral flow and colorimetric tests. Additionally, it has incorporated compatibility with all ADx and Whatman style dried blood spot (DBS) cards. Scanbase has also started producing software for hardware analyzers in laboratory and hospital settings.

Words from the CEO
"Our mission is to provide swift and easily accessible healthcare to the global community by building bleeding-edge computer vision and diagnostic software infrastructure," remarks Jeffrey Lange, CEO of Scanbase.

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