News | October 22, 2019

SafeGuardian Announces New 4G LTE Help Alert Call Button For Home Health

Advanced "Proactive Telecare" Technology Revolutionizing Home Healthcare for Seniors

Cheyenne, WY /PRNewswire/ - Personal help alert company SafeGuardian, LLC recently announced a November 15th release date for their newest wireless, mobile CareCaller™ LTE.

Combining proprietary Proactive Telecare™ technology — exclusive to SafeGuardian — with the power of 4G LTE, the CareCaller™ LTE is the most revolutionary home help alert call button in decades. With features not found in any other device on the market, the CareCaller™ LTE allows seniors and high-risk patients to enjoy the peace of mind and protection of their personal help alert device anywhere cellular service is available.

Packed with industry-leading technological advancements, the small, lightweight CareCaller™ LTE is a completely self-contained, waterproof mobile pendant that fits in the palm of the hand. With a built-in microphone and speaker, the wearer of the device can place and receive phone calls, while talking directly to a contact through the pendant.

With innovative voice prompts, the CareCaller™ LTE will alert the wearer during such events as a fall detection, when a phone call has been placed, when the device is low on battery and much more. Because the device has its own designated phone number, contacts can remotely customize and call into the device, as well as request real-time location, device status and update authorized phone numbers — all with the simplicity of sending a text message. And optional built-in fall alerts with adjustable sensitivity will detect a fall and automatically send text alerts to caregivers.

Studies show that most calls placed by seniors to 911 and medical alarm companies are for non-emergencies. Where other industry devices only call 911 or a medical monitoring center, the CareCaller™ LTE can do that, all while also sending text alerts and phone calls automatically to five pre-set contacts — such as caregivers, friends, family, neighbors and visiting nurses — at the push of a button. This helps seniors avoid unnecessary ambulance & rescue dispatches for routine or non-emergency assistance.

"With the number of aging seniors and retirees growing exponentially every year — especially as baby boomers come of retiring age — home health agencies and insurance companies are searching for new and innovative ways to serve patients," said Thomas Franks, founder and president of SafeGuardian. "Our Proactive Telecare™ technology will be the simple, low-cost solution to home health agencies staying connected with high-risk patients 24/7, which will reduce preventable and extremely costly hospital and ER readmissions before they happen."

And as insurance and healthcare providers aim to keep seniors living at home as long as possible, the CareCaller™ LTE plays a crucial role for home health agencies as they stay informed of the health of high-risk patients.

"Retirees want to live on their own terms and in their own homes for as long as possible," said Sean Holohan, general manager of SafeGuardian. "The CareCaller™ LTE has features that other devices can only dream of, and consumers will see that the device is highly-customizable and perfect for the needs of any retiree — no matter their health or living situation. The mobility and accessibility of this device is a game-changer."

A leading distributor of innovative help alert devices, SafeGuardian develops customized CareCaller™ programs for regional/national home healthcare providers, visiting nurse agencies, personal care franchises, 55+ retirement communities, non-profit associations and many more. Visit to see all CareCaller™ LTE models, download a brochure and learn more about healthcare provider discount plans.

Source: SafeGuardian, LLC

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