RF Technologies Introduces Code Alert Freedom Series Family

Source: RF Technologies
RFID long-term care resident safety and security solutions

Brookfield, WI - RF Technologies, the leading provider of comprehensive and integrated radio frequency identification (RFID) safety and asset-tracking solutions, introduces the Freedom Series Family, a line of compatible, re-engineered safety solutions for assisted living and long-term care facilities. The Freedom Series Family provides a total solution in monitoring and maintaining resident safety and security. The Freedom Series Family includes RF Technologies' Code Alert® Wanderer Monitoring and Quick Response Call Systems, and the Sensatec® Fall Alert System.

"Our aim with the Freedom Series Family is to show that our products can work together as a complete system to provide the best and most reliable forms of safety and security," says Glenn Jonas, president and chief executive officer of RF Technologies. "We want to be able to provide our customers with a total solution."

The Freedom Series Wanderer Monitoring System monitors residents of long-term care and assisted living facilities in jeopardy of wandering off the premises. The Quick Response Call System gives residents the freedom to move safely through a facility knowing that help is available with the touch of a button. The Sensatec Fall Alert System provides restraint-free monitoring for residents who are at risk for injuries due to falls.

About RF Technologies:
RF Technologies is a leading provider of safety and asset protection solutions with the most comprehensive, integrated RFID monitoring systems available. Offering a breadth of products, the company helps thousands of businesses and institutions maximize their protective services and enhance efficiencies everyday. RF Technologies works directly with its customers to design, install and maintain monitoring solutions by providing in-house engineering, sales, installation, service and 24-hour technical support.

Founded in 1987, RF Technologies is a privately held company with an installed base of more than 10,000 systems worldwide. For more information on the company, its products and services visit www.rft.com or call 1-800-669-9946. RF Technologies – Safety for What Matters Most.

Source: RF Technologies