News | August 19, 2003

Resmed Introduces New Ultra Mirage(Tm) Full Face Mask

Source: ResMed
SAN DIEGO - ResMed (NYSE: RMD), a leading manufacturer and developer of products for the diagnosis, treatment, and management of sleep-disordered breathing (SDB), announced the release of its new Ultra Mirage(tm) Full Face Mask. This new design combines the proven performance of two of ResMed's leading masks-the Ultra Mirage(tm) nasal mask and the Mirage® Full Face Mask Series 2. The new mask was designed specifically to stop mouth leak in order to allow delivery of effective therapy.

"The new Ultra Mirage Full Face Mask will raise the standards for full face mask technology and provide patients with the very best night's sleep possible," says Ron Richard, VP Marketing of the Americas. "Mouth leak has been well-documented as a leading cause of noncompliance in patients being treated for sleep-disordered breathing. Coupled with our AutoSet Spirit(tm) and S7(tm) line of flow generators, dealers can now offer their patients and referral sources a comprehensive set of products focused on increasing overall patient compliance and treatment effectiveness."

The Ultra Mirage Full Face Mask continues the industry standard set by ResMed with its patented and proven Mirage® cushion technology-the soft, dual-wall cushion reduces pressure on the nasal bridge and optimizes comfort, even as patients move throughout the night. Several new features have been added to the Ultra Mirage Full Face Mask based on customer feedback.

* New forehead support enhances stability and takes seal performance to a new level. The forehead support enhances stability by minimizing movement of the mask relative to the face. Seal is maintained even when the patient moves during sleep. It offers four position options to optimize seal and patient comfort.
* New forehead pad design conforms to the contour of the patient's forehead, further enhancing stability and comfort. The one-piece, one-size forehead pad fits all masks.
* New Quick Release headgear clips allow quick and easy fitting and removal of the mask. Also, once the headgear is set up, it doesn't need to be readjusted each time the mask is used. This headgear is truly "Set & Forget", making it simpler for both the clinician and the patient.
* Built-in safety features allow for better peace of mind. The headgear clips allow quick removal of the mask in an emergency. In addition, a safety valve in the mask elbow allows the patient to breathe fresh air when the flow generator does not provide airflow. Minimal dead space, superior airflow characteristics, and built-in air vents reduce CO2 rebreathing. Even at low pressures, the mask provides excellent CO2 washout.
* Multi-patient, multi-use allows for chemical and thermal disinfection for up to 15 cycles of cleaning.
* New 3-D fitting template assists in correct cushion size selection. New unique 3-D template takes into account the 3-D nature of patients' faces. Easy to fit in three steps.
* New Patient fitting CD assists patients on usage and care of the mask and is included in every Ultra Mirage Full Face Mask package.

"ResMed's continued focus on providing our patients and dealers with a complete compliance solution is evident in the new Ultra Mirage Full Face Mask," says Richard. "The improved performance is strongly linked to the previous generations of Mirage products that have proven to be a steadfast product line, offering superior comfort and sealing technology over the past several years."