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Qardio+ Launches To Add New Level Of Convenience To QardioArm Users

The new subscription service takes home health monitoring to the next level.

San Francisco, CA /PRNewswire/ - Qardio, a leader in connected care with predictive insight for a changing world, announces today the launch of their new subscription service Qardio+. Qardio+ will work with the QardioArm portable blood pressure monitor to offer a comprehensive health monitoring system.

Created using innovative health and wellness technology, Qardio+ will allow users an easy and convenient way to track, monitor, and share blood pressure results with ease.

"At Qardio our goal is to make getting and staying healthy easy and accessible to all." said Bruce Zajac, Vice President Global Sales, Marketing, and Strategic Accounts. "Qardio+ was created to further our brand mission, creating a space for current and future members of the Qardio community to safely and conveniently take care of themselves."

Qardio+ creates a portfolio of data with tailored results specific to your health journey in an all-in-one platform to track health information. The service allows users to:

Track and Share Important Updates
A health report is generated on a monthly basis that can be shared with healthcare providers, family members, or friends. Each blood pressure measurement is tracked and saved, creating a portfolio of data with tailored results specific to your health journey. Monthly detailed reports contain a variety of views of results and provide month-over-month insight into your health and habits as a comparison with previous periods.

Monitor Medications
Manage your medications by adding medication details including specific measurements, when/how to take certain medications, and more. Create daily activities to help track consumption and measurements throughout the day.

Environmental Factor Tracking
The Qardio+ subscription provides insight into environmental elements, such as weather and air pollution insights. This information allows the user to understand how specific elements and the environment affect ones health in order to better manage daily activities.

Qardio+ is available now to iOS users with a 30-day free trial. Subscriptions can be purchased either monthly at $9.99/month or annually at $99.99 total.

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About Qardio
Qardio is a medical technology company that operates at the intersection of cardiology and remote monitoring. Qardio's suite of solutions provides improved outcomes for care providers and their patients across a range of care modalities via improved workflows and diagnostic yields, reduced cost, and ease of use. Founded in 2012, Qardio's primary mission is to improve outcomes for adults living with a chronic heart condition, through simplified monitoring and diagnosis. QardioDirect, the remote patient monitoring service is equally suited to primary care and to discrete applications in hypertension, cardiovascular disease, obesity, chronic kidney disease, diabetes, post-surgical care and other chronic care conditions. Our award-winning solutions are available via medical channels and select consumer channels, to deliver the greatest impact.

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