Oxygen Concentrators

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Oxygen Concentrators
Oxygen concentrators are prescribed by consultants for patients on long-term oxygen therapy
Oxygen concentrators are prescribed by consultants for patients on long-term oxygen therapy. They are installed in patients' homes by skilled engineers using unobtrusive tubing to ensure oxygen is made available in rooms to accommodate the specific needs of the patient.

Benefits include:

  • Cost saving compared to Oxygen cylinders
  • Experienced staff specifically trained to meet the needs of the patient
  • Emergency telephone line and call-out service 24 hours a day, 365 days a year
    to give peace of mind
  • Back-up cylinder for peace of mind

A patient needs a prescription from a consultant outlining the required hours/flow and whether humidification is required. Patients will need a copy of their prescription to claim from the Drug Refund Scheme if necessary. We will arrange directly with the patient or the patients' family to carry out the installation.

The oxygen concentrator draws air from the room atmosphere using a small compressor. This air then passes through sieve beds containing a nitrogen adsorbing material called zeolite.

The nitrogen is then retained allowing oxygen to be passed through to the patient via mask or cannula. After about 30 seconds, the air is diverted to a second sieve bed of zeolite and the process continues. The adsorbed nitrogen is then released using a small vacuum pump, leaving it ready fot he next changeover.

All the patient needs is an electric supply, Air Products specialst Engineers will visit your home and do the rest.

This simple and effective process is quiet, continuous and fully automatic.
We monitor all concentrators routinely to ensure the unit is trouble free, and ensure
the purity of the oxygen is maintained. Operating and safety instructions are provided
by our engineers on installation.

Detail specifications:
Construction From flame retardant glass reinforced plastic
Size 68.07 cm high x 48.0 cm wide x 33.78 cm deep
Power 230v 50Hz 380 watts/hour
Noise level 40 DbA
Weight 24.7 Kg.

Exclusively Available in the United Kingdom.

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