Company Profile | February 23, 2000

OMS2 Software, Inc.

Source: OMS2 Software, Inc.
OMS2 Software, Inc. OMS2 Software, Inc. ("OMS2®") is a privately held company formed in 1993 to develop Windows® based application software. Today its principal focus is its application software for home healthcare agencies, PRN Plus®. OMS2 developed this software in conjunction with home healthcare agencies with a goal of delivering an affordable (just $589 a month), comprehensive and easy to use Windows® based clinical and billing system.

OMS2 released the first version of PRN Plus® in July, 1997 and today has clients from the East Coast to Alaska. OMS2's goal, after offering the best value in home healthcare software, is to develop and maintain a strategic relationship with each of its clients. To establish and maintain that relationship, OMS2 is available to work as closely with each client as the client wants. OMS2 believes that only through such a relationship can the best value in home care software be of maximum benefit.

To attain the goal of being the best, OMS2 started with software design. The software had to be comprehensive, intuitive and fully integrated. It needed the necessary ‘intelligence' built in so that it could perform the most daunting tasks with minimal user intervention. In other words, it really had to be ‘user friendly' in function, not just words.

Beyond software functionality, product and customer support had to be available when needed, not days later.

And last, but so very important, the software had to be affordable.

With this philosophy, OMS2 has attracted a loyal and growing list of clients who have been able to reduce costs and make their lives in home care a little easier. And as OMS2 listens to its clients' needs, OMS2 learns, improves its products and becomes a better partner.

By offering the best for a single, affordable price (just $589 a month) that includes everything the client could want from a software vendor: software; unlimited support; and upgrades, OMS2 has made a major commitment to the home healthcare industry.

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