News | January 27, 2017

NuevaCare, A Leading Home Care Agency Serving San Mateo, Millbrae, Hillsorough & Environs, Announces Discharge Options Checklist

Bay Area home care agency, NuevaCare services the Peninsula region of the San Francisco Bay Area from its central location in San Mateo. The agency is announcing a convenient 'Discharge 101' visual aid for patients who may need caregiver services.

San Mateo,CA (PRWEB) - NuevaCare, a leading Bay Area home care agency servicing San Mateo, Millbrae, Hillsborough and environs, is proud to announce a new ‘Discharge 101’ checklist for patients who may need care services after getting discharged from the hospital. Many patients and their families struggle with the transition from hospital care to care at home, and the new checklist helps them organize what services they can provide themselves vs. those that they may want to purchase from reputable agencies, including which agencies do what. Many families do not know, for example, the difference between a home health care agency and an in-home care agency.

“Our goal as one of the top-rated Bay Area caregiver agencies is to inform and educate both the patient and their family,” explained Kamran Nasser, CEO of NuevaCare. “Our new checklist is a visual aid so that families can see what services they may need, and which ones they will want to provide themselves vs. secure from a reputable caregiver agency here in San Mateo or the Bay Area as a whole. It also clarifies the different types of service agencies out there.”

Interested persons, including journalists or bloggers, can get a copy of the ‘Checklist 101’ document by contacting NuevaCare via their website at Persons in cities like San Mateo, can also visit city-specific home care pages such as the San Mateo caregiver page at or Hillsborough at

‘Discharge 101’ – A Checklist for Home Care Options
Being discharged from a hospital can, unfortunately, be a challenging experience for many patients and their families. While hospitals do their best to provide instructions for at home care, they tend to overwhelm patients with “too much” information. In addition, the transition from 24/7 care in a hospital setting, where nurses and doctors are available at a moment’s notice, to in-home care where care provided may be available only from family members can be jarring. In addition, it may not be clear which services must be provided by family member and which services can be secured from commercial providers.

Many patients and their families are not even aware of the option of quality in-home care from a caregiver agency, even in an affluent community such as San Mateo, the headquarters of NuevaCare. Indeed, even nearby communities such as Millbrae or Hillsborough may not know that just a town over is one of the Bay Area’s most comprehensive home care agencies. The new ‘Discharge 101’ checklist is a visual aid for those getting out of the hospital, detailing services such as feeding, bathing, dressing, grooming, and other services. It clarifies which are commonly available from skilled nursing, home health care, in-home care, assisted living facilities, etc. Anyone interested is urged to visit the website and download a copy at

About NuevaCare
A premier technology based home care company based in San Mateo and servicing the San Francisco Bay Area, NuevaCare delivers responsive, quality, and affordable in-home care to those who need care due to old age or recovering from surgery or illness. NuevaCare services clients in diverse Bay Area cities from Burlingame to Santa Clara, San Mateo to Palo Alto, Foster City to Hillsborough and everywhere in between. NuevaCare provides hourly, live-in, overnight, and 24/7 care. Recognized as one of the best home care agencies in the Bay Area, NuevaCare can be found at NuevaCare is licensed by California Department of Social Services, Home Care Services Bureau, license #: 414700022.


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