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Novel Non-Contact Patient Monitoring Cell Phone App Expanding To Telehealth Markets

VSee Telehealth and InteloMed Novel Patient Monitoring App Partner Revolutionize Telehealth Using Non-Contact Facial Tracking To Capture Patient Vitals From Home

San Jose, CA (PRWEB) - VSee, the telehealth system for NASA Space Station, Trinity, Ascension, MDLIVE and 1200+ customers and InteloMed, the leading patient monitoring technology providing real-time information on individual patient dialysis tolerance, are partnering to allow providers to capture vital signs and other indications of patient health during a telehealth visit without the use of traditional medical devices.

One of the problems of conducting telehealth visits is the ability to accurately capture patient health biomarkers. This typically requires either a caregiver, a provider, or the patients themselves to use a medical device to capture and send the data. This extra requirement of medical devices lessens the efficiency and usefulness of telehealth. It has meant that 1) personnel must be trained to take vitals and use the medical devices, 2) personnel must travel to the patient’s location to capture the data and/or that 3) patients must travel to a center or clinic to have the data gathered. In home monitoring, it has meant sending a set of medical devices to the patient’s home and training the patient to use the devices. In short, the use of traditional medical devices delays care while still risking the use of inaccurate data in diagnosis and treatment.

Bill Malloy, InteloMed CEO says, “Until now, remote patient data has only been as good as the medical devices the patient already has at home and the patient’s ability to effective use the devices. By partnering with VSee’s video telehealth platform, we can save telehealth doctors and patients valuable time by remotely capturing empirical patient health information during the very first doctor-patient interaction. This could be a home care gamechanger.”

The InteloMed CVInsight® Monitoring System was initially designed for use on dialysis patients to provide clinicians with real-time, dynamic and actionable information about a patient’s cardiovascular stability. It captures a patient’s pulse waveform via a non-invasive forehead sensor and processes this signal through proprietary algorithms. This same patient information, and more, can now also be captured using the mCVI™ non-contact facial tracking cell phone app (in FDA pre-screening).

The InteloMed technology not only captures patient vital signs but also analyzes changes against the patient’s own baseline rather than population-driven metrics, thus providing truly individualized data for a more personal care experience.

VSee CEO Dr. Milton Chen says, "We feel very privileged to work with InteloMed. One of the barriers to telehealth uptake has been the problem of conducting a physical exam remotely. Intelomed’s breakthrough technology is a leap forward to making this problem trivial and making telehealth a natural part of healthcare delivery."

The VSee Clinic provides a complete customized online clinic for providers to quickly and efficiently build a telehealth service offering. With the integration of Intelomed’s novel mCVI™ non-contact monitoring system into the online VSee Clinic providers can choose to immediately capture patient’s vital signs without the need to use plug-in USB devices or to sync with another health device. This would provide a truly self-serve telemedicine experience whether for an urgent care, retail, kiosk, or home-monitoring workflow.

Intelomed Board Chairman Mark Rossi says “VSee is a leader in the telemedicine industry. Its vision of creating simple solutions for connecting doctors, patients and hospitals closely aligns with our goals of using the latest health technology to improve patient outcomes. This partnership brings to the table new innovations that will be key to home care management and preventative health worldwide.”

InteloMed will be speaking and showcasing alongside VSee at the Telehealth Secrets: New Revenue Models & Happy Providers conference Oct. 2-4, 2018 in Silicon Valley. Seating is limited and may be reserved at

About VSee
VSee is the telehealth system used by NASA Space Station, Trinity, Ascension, MDLIVE and 1200+ customers, and the parent company of the This American Doc medical group, an airbnb-like marketplace for physician staffing. VSee empowers health organizations and practitioners to achieve better patient care and improved efficiency through simple, scalable telehealth. VSee’s modular platform provides powerful flexibility to fit a wide range of workflows from ER diversion to e-ICU to on-call specialist consults to chronic care management. Learn more at

About Intelomed
Intelomed is a privately-held, commercial stage company that develops non-invasive patient monitoring systems, bringing unprecedented physiologic insight into the causes of cardiovascular and physiologic stress caused by disease, injury, medical treatment, physical exertion, emotional stress, and other factors. Intelomed’s current FDA-cleared product, CVInsight®, empowers clinicians with an unprecedented level of real-time, physiologic data to understand and react to patient cardiovascular response to stress and decompensation. Using a nearly ubiquitous technology – the cell phone that each of us already carries in our pocket today -- Intelomed has developed a new product, the mCVInsight® app, with the capability of extricating the same human biosensor data that is gathered using CVInsight® by using facial detection and tracking software without accessories. mCVInsight® is currently in FDA trials and the company is optimistic to receive FDA approval in mid-2019. Learn more at

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