News | November 30, 2020

No Contact Urgent Care Revolutionizes Telemedicine As Pandemic Continues Into 2021

ThereCare Prevents Spread of COVID-19 by Bringing Professional Medical Services Directly to Homes

Southold, NY /PRNewswire/ - While people are avoiding hospitals, medical clinics and physician offices due to fear of exposure to COVID-19, ThereCare ( has introduced a game-changer for safe and affordable home-based medical care. Given the urgent need to transform medical practices so patients don't avoid medical care for conditions that can escalate if ignored, the No Contact Urgent Care kit by ThereCare is the ideal social distancing solution for virtual head-to-toe exams.

Utilizing HIPAA compliant telemedicine software, the No Contact Urgent Care kit uses an included smartphone and provides all that is needed for a thorough virtual exam. Covered by Medicare and other medical insurance providers, the kit enables ThereCare medical professionals to assess medical conditions such as sore throat, cough, flu symptoms, fever, chills, rash or other reasons for visiting urgent care. No Contact Urgent Care also provides the ability for listening to a patient's heart, abdomen and lungs, and see inside throat or ears.

"The practice of visiting a doctor's office is no longer a simple process and can be a matter of life or death. In fact, there is a strong feeling from most people that going to a doctor or urgent care is too risky," said Steven Templeton, President & CEO, ThereCare. "With a long history in telemedicine and delivering medical care to patients in their homes, ThereCare is best positioned to lead industry change with its No Contact Urgent Care kit."

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), emergency department (ED) visits declined 42% during the early COVID-19 pandemic, from a mean of 2.1 million per week (March 31–April 27, 2019) to 1.2 million (March 29–April 25, 2020). To minimize coronavirus transmission risk and address public concerns about visiting the ED during the pandemic, No Contact Urgent Care adheres to CDC recommendations of continued use of virtual visits to control infection.

How It Works
The No Contact Urgent Care kit is simple to use from anywhere and includes all the tools necessary for an exam.

  • EKO Bluetooth Stethoscope and ECG: Allows provider to listen to HEART, LUNGS, ABDOMEN and CAROTID ARTERIES. Provides ECG for provider to review.
  • Wireless Otoscope Ear Camera: Allows provider to see Ears, Eyes, Nose, Mouth, and Teeth.
  • Blood Pressure Wrist Cuff: Provides patient's blood pressure and heart rate.
  • Finger Pulse Oximeter: Providers patients Oxygen saturation in blood and heart rate.
  • Thermometer Strips (Tempa-Dot™): Disposable Thermometers that provide body temperature of patient.
  • iPhone: Connects to all equipment and allows for Telemedicine Visit with Medical Provider.

The kit can be easily ordered on the ThereCare website or picked up from ThereCare locker locations at pharmacies. Once the kit is received, ThereCare will schedule a virtual appointment with a medical professional who will make a diagnosis and provide a treatment plan. Upon completion, boxes are simply returned by the means they were ordered.

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About ThereCare
ThereCare is a family run service that through licensed Practitioners provides Primary Medical Care and treats non-traumatic injuries in the comfort of your home. Each one of our medical providers is trained and certified to provide you with the best care. Our patients are our number one priority. We are dedicated to your health and safety, striving to exceed your expectations in our ever changing world. Our main goal is to keep you safe and healthy. For more information, visit

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