Needles and Syringes

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Needles and Syringes
B-D Single Use Syringe and Needle Combinations, Kendall Monoject® 3cc Safety Syringe, Amber Latex Tubing, Terumo® Hypodermic Needles and Syringes, B-D SafetyLok Syringe, B-D SafetyGlide Shielding Hypodermic Needle

B-D Single Use Syringe and Needle Combinations

-Superior sharpness and lubrication reduce pain.
-Features stainless steel needle canula and poly-propylene hub designed to fit any slip, eccentric or Luer-lok syringe tip, reusable or single use.
-Package is color-coded according to needle gauge, and heat-sealed for protection against tampering.

Kendall Monoject® 3cc Safety Syringe

-Safety shield with patented two-step locking mechanism, true transport position.
-Restrictive end collar, bold gradations; 0.1 cc.
-Ultra-shart, tri-beveled, anti-coring needle.
-Luer lock syringe tip, oriented, compact package.
-Translucent color-coded needle hub and rigid pack cap.

Amber Latex Tubing

-For use with pharmaceuticals, blood, intravenous solutions and laboratory operations.
-Seamless, sterilizable, lumen-free of striations for clear passage of liquids and gases.
-Meets federal specifications ZZ-T-831c.

Terumo® Hypodermic Needles and Syringes

-Known worldwide for extreme sharpness.
-Clarity of the barrel permits quick check for turbid medication, air bubbles.
-Bold scale markings help assure precise measurement of dose.
-Translucent needle hub permits quick observation of flashback.
-Posi-stop plunger prevents accidental separation and spillage.
-The exclusive all plastic package is tamper evident, moisture repellent and puncture resistant.

B-D SafetyLok Syringe

-Needle guard features protective sleeve that pushes forward after use, locks safely in place.

B-D SafetyGlide Shielding Hypodermic Needle

-Activation-Assist technology permits fast and easy, single-handed needle shielding.
-Stainless steel latch securely shields needletip after activation.
-Features PrecisionGlide needle for unequaled sharpness and penetration; bevel-up needle orientation for performing low-angle injections.
-Luer-lok connection securely attaches to any standard syringe.

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