Mobility for Life

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Mobility for Life
The basis for these beliefs was our willingness to accept a particular definition of how we should feel
This book is for you
When you want…

  • Greater mobility and flexibility in your body
  • To reduce painful motions
  • Direct involvement in your personal healthcare
  • To further recover from an existing injury
  • To reduce stiffness-anytime of day
  • To exercise safely
  • To increase your strength and energy
  • To increase your cardiovascular efficiency
  • To develop greater health and well being

We are bombarded with health and fitness tapes, books, infomercials, and a steady stream of marketing promotions. This has shaped our belief systems. Two of the most common beliefs are:

1) Take a pill and the problem will go away.
2) No pain, no gain.

The basis for these beliefs was our willingness to accept a particular definition of how we should feel. In the 50s, we were told that scientific research held the answers to our maladies-all the answers. History has shown that there is no one answer and there is no one cure. This book is based on Richard Meldazy's experience as a soft tissue therapist, physical trainer, corporate consultant, and instructor. All the concepts and applications in this book are based on his 20 years of clinical work with many of his clients.

Many of his clients were looking for suitable programs for their recovery from all kinds of injuries. Everything is provided through simple applications backed up by simple explanations. Hundreds of his clients have successfully used these methods to rid themselves of injuries and chronic pain.

There is a lot of information available on health, fitness, exercise, rehabilitation and general health care. The real challenge is determining what information is useful, what is true, what you need to know and what should be ignored. There are a lot of people selling worthless, and even harmful, information. That is not the case with this book. This book will lead you in the right direction to achieve your Mobility for Life.

The reality of Richard's work as a soft tissue therapist shows that there is rarely one answer to any problem. For most injuries and illnesses there is a controlled, integrated pattern of techniques that will give excellent results. This pattern often involves movement. This book addresses soft tissue dysfunction and some of the causes. It also provides techniques to improve, and possibly alleviate, your pains and physical restrictions.

The wonderful thing is that this technique is just a refinement of what our bodies do naturally. When you are ready to take responsibility for your well being, the Range of Motion approach will give you effective, measurable, techniques to enhance your health.

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