Article | April 20, 2016

Mobile Printer Advances Increase Value For Home Healthcare

David Crist

By David Crist, senior vice president of sales & marketing for Brother Mobile Solutions

No question, mobile devices have transformed home health care delivery.  Highly portable laptops, tablets and smartphones make it simple and convenient for nurses, therapists and other clinicians to document vital data, access patient records and check drug interactions – right in patient homes. 

At the same time, advances in compact, lightweight mobile printers make it not only possible, but easy, to print critical documents at a patient’s home. The ability to quickly print full-page 8½” x 11” hard copies and immediately hand them to patients and/or family members and caregivers during a home visit saves harried clinicians valuable time, boosts patient safety and ensures compliance with the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid (CMS) rules.