Mirage VistaTM Mask

Source: ResMed
Mirage VistaTM Mask
Mirage VistaTM Mask
Meet the newest member of the ResMed Mirage® mask family, the Mirage VistaTM mask system. This new mask system offers the trusted performance of ResMed masks in an unobtrusive, streamlined design. The revolutionary new headgear and unique set of features in the Mirage Vista redefine mask design and technology.


-- The One Snap Elbow allows the mask to remain in place while detaching tubing, and it swivels 360o to minimize leak and reduce headgear tension.
-- Set & Forget Headgear comes preassembled, and once fit, it stays fit.
-- The Quick Connect Cushion eliminates the need for a cushion clip and simplifies reassembly.
-- Mirage cushion technology provides optimal comfort and stability.
-- The Fit Angle Selector allows precise fitting with five symmetrical positions and twenty asymmetrical positions for greater stability and best possible fit.
-- Quick-release headgear clips allow mask removal without headgear adjustment.
-- Breath-o-PreneTM headgear draws moisture away from skin and allows air to circulate.


The Mirage Vista mask reduces inventory needs:
-- Mirage Vista has only two cushion sizes to stock
-- Standard cushion size fits approximately 70% of patients
-- Masks are packaged fully assembled
-- Mirage Vista has fewer components to inventory.

The Mirage Vista mask is easy to fit:
-- It fits so easily and well that it reduces follow-up visits, saving you time and money
-- Headgear release clips allow frequent removal without readjustment
-- Standard cushion size fits the majority of patients.

Your patients will love the Mirage Vista mask:
-- Mirage Vista can be worn with eye glasses
-- Mirage Vista is super quiet and super comfortable
-- Mirage Vista is easy to use, adjust, clean, and reassemble
-- It's efficient CO2 washout minimizes feelings of claustrophobia.

The Mirage Vista mask provides the right balance: soft and comfortable, yet stable and supportive. The immediate and long-term benefits for you and your patients are enhanced by the proven comfort and performance of ResMed Mirage mask technology.