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Mira Launches Integrative Hormone Health Clinic For Fertility To Help Women Conceive

Hormone Health Clinic is a new telehealth service offering personalized guidance throughout one's fertility journey with a focus on an integrative (whole-body) approach as an accessible alternative to assisted reproductive technology (ART) and in vitro fertilization (IVF).

San Ramon, CA /PRNewswire/ - Mira, a hormonal health company providing at-home reproductive health solutions, launches an online Hormone Health Clinic for Fertility aimed to help people - struggling to conceive. The clinic provides personalized support from fertility professionals throughout the conception journey, focusing on addressing hormonal imbalances, streamline nutrition and gut health, setting up effective exercise routines and improving mental health.

1 in 5 people in the US are affected by infertility, according to the CDC. The use of assisted reproductive technology (ART) has doubled in the past decade – as many as 2 million babies in the States are conceived through IVF each year. However, there are a number of barriers to entry to fertility treatments, including the high cost of IVF treatments, relatively low success rates, and shortage of fertility clinics staff – while performing around 250,000 IVF cycles per year, they need to be doing a million-plus to meet a growing demand.

An integrated full-body approach with a focus on hormonal health, well-being and mental health can be a more accessible alternative for people struggling to have a child. With factors like lifestyle, mental health & well-being shown to affect women's fertility, Mira offers a full-body approach with a focus on hormonal health, nutrition, gut health, exercise routines, stress management, sleep quality and emotional support. The purpose of this program is providing a less invasive and more affordable fertility care compared to traditional in-vitro fertilization or ART, that stay out of reach for many.

The recent study, conducted by Mira in partnership with Pelex, showed that at-home hormonal tracking can be a more accessible alternative to IVF, while also providing more comfort and fertility clarity for patients. As a result of the trial, 44% of participants, previously qualified as infertile, got pregnant after 2 months of trying, while 72% of people received accurate diagnoses thanks to regular at-home hormonal tracking with Mira. To compare, IVF success rate is just about 40%. With 30% of couples qualified for IVF suffering from unexplained infertility, the transparency, this fertility clarity, brings tangible relief.

Sylvia Kang, CEO and Founder of Mira, was motivated to start a Hormonal Clinic for Fertility after some amazing feedback from customers. One customer, initially qualified for IVF, used Mira Fertility Monitor and got a positive pregnancy test a night before the surgery.

Later, a study confirmed the potential of at-home hormone tracking to substitute IVF, which gave another push to starting the program.

"With Hormone Health Clinic we want to assist women throughout their pregnancy journey by personalized maintenance of hormonal health, general wellbeing and emotional support. By this, we want to make the whole fertility journey less stressful for women, with no need to spend lots of time on useless and impersonal appointments with OBs, painful injections, blood drawings and frequent doctor visits, like in the IVFs process. Our fertility coaches have already helped more than 1,000 women, and with the Health Clinic for Fertility we hope to help even more", – says Sylvia Kang, CEO of Mira.

What makes Mira Hormonal Clinic for Fertility special is professional assistance of fertility advisors paired with unique hormonal tracking technology of Mira Fertility Monitor. Designed by scientists and OB/GYNs, Mira is the only at-home fertility monitor on the market using quantitative technology. Tracking LH, E3G, PdG, and FSH, Mira predicts and confirms ovulation and tracks the tiniest changes in hormones, thus providing a clear picture of one's hormonal health.

While eligible for FSA and HSA reimbursement, Mira Hormone Health Clinic offers a variety of price options for different service packages:

  • 45-Minute Consultation with a fertility coach - $95;
  • 90-day Plan: a more holistic, planned approach with a dedicated fertility coach, personalized fertility plan and educational resources - $259 (save $26) - $86 per month;
  • 90-day Plan + Mira Hormone Monitor – a personalized planned approach with a Mira hormone-tracking solution – $479.

Upon completion of the fertility program, the customer gets a personal action plan, in-depth hormone analysis, lifestyle change recommendations and emotional support, – all focused on the goal to conceive.

Mira's mission as a hormonal health company is to make a change in the women's health industry by giving women ownership over their data and thus, their reproductive health. In the future Mira aims to become a 360-degree at-home health service provider by bringing solutions in hormone health monitoring, early pregnancy tracking, hormone health courses & community, stress hormones monitoring, etc.

About Mira
Mira is a San Francisco-based hormonal health company providing integrative care and hormonal testing for over 100,000 customers. Mira offers solutions to test, boost, and navigate fertility — starting from comprehensive hormone testing and supplements to fertility coaching and online courses.

The Hormonal Health Clinic for Fertility is a part of Mira's broader plans to launch a series of programs to provide to full-scale hormonal health support for customers at every point of their life, with focus on such areas as women's health as peri/menopause, PCOS, etc.

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