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Medically Home Group Deploys Its Cesia Continuum, Unlocking The Shift Of Advanced Medical Care From The Hospital To The Home


Today Medically Home Group, a technology-enabled services company reveals its proprietary Cesia Continuum™, a composition of proprietary IP, software, hardware, and third-party technology transforming patients’ homes to serve as the site for safe advanced medical care.

Medically Home is committed to transforming the $1 trillion U.S. hospital market by combining technology, a disruptive business model and a strong personal touch to nimbly-operate micro hospital units in patients’ homes as a safe alternative to high fixed-costs bricks and mortar hospitals. The company’s model is to deliver more patient care over a long period of time, compared to the current acute care hospital-based approach. At the heart of the model is high patient, family, and clinician satisfaction, using an on-demand single care team working with patients over a ~30-day episode of medical care with no jarring handoffs.

To fulfill patients’ desires to recover from illness at home, Medically Home developed Cesia Continuum™ -an IP and technology integration that allows patients’ homes to function as a safe site of advanced medical care for selected patients and illnesses requiring hospitalization. As a Medically Home patient recently said, “It simply works better when the hospital comes to me.”

Cesia Continuum™

Cesia Continuum™ is a custom-assembled/dynamic orchestration of IP and technologies, creating the ecosystem needed to operate a temporary micro-hospital in a patient’s home. The ecosystem allows patients’ homes to operate inside a connected network under the command of Medically Home’s remote telemedical Mission Control Center. Cesia Continuum™links together:

  • Physician oversight of patients via telemedicine
  • Evidence-based care delivery protocols for Medically Home’s unique model of care
  • Two-way audio/visual communication between patients and their care team
  • Patient biometrics monitoring combined with predictive analytics
  • The supply chain of on-demand in-home provision of required services and equipment
  • Rapid response protocols and resources in an urgent or emergent event

The three legs of Cesia Continuum™

  1. Patient’s Home – custom configured hardware, software, analytics, safety processes (IP) and sensors to allow the patient’s home to serve as a temporary micro hospital unit, centrally managed by a remote telemedical Mission Control Center
  2. Mission Control Center – an integrated team of dedicated physicians, NPs and nurses that use customized care delivery protocols (IP), custom-configured hardware, unique software and clinical work flows (IP) that serve to centrally manage and document the Medically Home episode of care at-scale with patients in their homes from multiple providers, catchment sites and payers in multiple states
  3. Supply Chain – the required network of clinical/non-clinical services and equipment/supplies provided by partners from across 13 categories to reliably and efficiently ensure the needed hands-on care in patients’ home on-demand, in short-notice, and after-hours

Leading the Change for the Healthcare Landscape

“Just as Amazon began as a bookseller and is now the world’s largest retailer, a similar analogy exists for Medically Home Group. Bringing advanced medical care to the home is just the beginning for our company. Medically Home is responding to interest from new market segment opportunities, new geographies, and a host of emerging technologies that would like to secure a foothold in the new market of acute medical care provided in the home,” said Richard Rakowski, CEO, Medically Home.

About Medically Home Group

Medically Home Group is a technology-enabled services company that provides all the necessary tools to allow medical providers to safely-shift advanced medical care from hospitals to patients’ homes. Through their commitment to creating superior experiences and outcomes for patients, their families and other healthcare stakeholders, Medically Home Group is leading the charge in innovation of healthcare delivery. For more information on Medically Home Group, please visit

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