News | December 4, 2018

Mavencare Expands Senior Home Care Coverage, Bringing Advanced Technology And Hospital-Quality Care To Boston

Northeast-based home care company grows its US presence, making aging in place attainable for thousands of additional seniors with its specialized caregivers and machine learning technology

Boston, MA (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) - Mavencare, an advanced home care technology company, today announces its expansion to Boston. Mavencare offers personalized home care services with convenience and transparency to keep seniors safe and independent at home, and the company’s presence in Massachusetts delivers a new level of home care to the area. Using proprietary technology, Mavencare heavily vets all caregiver applicants, matches families with the best caregiver for their loved one, collects in-home data, utilizes an intelligent notification system, and houses all communication between caregivers, clients, healthcare partners and the Mavencare team.

According to Pew Research Center, the number of people over the age of 65 is projected to increase by 111 percent, from 45 million in 2010 to 86 million in 2050. There is a growing need and interest for in-home services and support, and Mavencare intends to partner with health care payer organizations to address this need through a tech-forward approach for the highest quality of care.

“We know how difficult finding and managing the right community-based care solution can be for seniors and their families – we’ve been through it,” said Dr. Adam Blackman, CEO and cofounder of Mavencare. “We’ve taken our past experiences to build a technologically advanced system that benefits all parties: seniors, their families and their caregivers. We want seniors to live as independently and safely as possible, we want families to be informed and connected, and we want our caregivers to find a rewarding, growing career in home care. This latest expansion to Boston gives us an opportunity to meet these goals on an even greater scale.”

Ninety percent of seniors prefer to age at home, but families are often put in a difficult position when staying at home can compromise their safety. Traditional home care agencies aren’t equipped to care for seniors with medically complex situations who require advanced clinical knowledge. Many families are forced to turn to nursing homes and assisted living facilities, but this often leads to a decrease in the quality of life caused by loss of autonomy and disconnection from their community.

Mavencare utilizes leading-edge technology that provides hospital-quality care in the comfort of one’s own home. The company’s highly selective vetting process only accepts about four percent of caregiver applicants, and its proprietary technology matches families with a caregiver chosen specifically for their needs. As caregivers log their interactions using the Mavencare mobile app, families have full access to the day-to-day activities taking place with their loved one, no matter where they are. Mavencare’s proprietary algorithms and machine learning capabilities can also identify when there may be an impending health issue and alert all relevant stakeholders to help prevent an avoidable emergency department visit or hospitalization.

“We’ve spent years creating and advancing our technology to ensure every client on the continuum of care has a caregiver perfectly matched for them,” said Nukul Bhasin, president and CTO of Mavencare. “In the US, there are massive areas of growth in home care where our stellar caregivers, advanced data collection and predictive analytics present a clear solution. We look forward to the day where aging at home requires no second thought.”

Mavencare provides services in Toronto, New York City and the Greater Boston area. For more information or to schedule a free assessment, visit

About Mavencare
Established in January of 2015, Mavencare is the most clinically advanced home health company that leverages technology to enable seniors to safely age at home. Mavencare's vision is to revolutionize home health care and create a world where people can live out their lives in the comfort of their own homes.

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