News | March 3, 2020

19Labs Announces GALE|QKIT, Enabling Effective Quarantine At Home Telehealth Monitoring

GALE|QKIT allows municipalities and governments to safely monitor patients' health at home using smart diagnostic devices, maximizing the period during which individuals being evaluated for possible infection can remain at home

San Mateo, CA /PRNewswire/ - 19Labs, the leader in telehealth point-of-care solutions, announced today the availability of GALE|QKIT. Based on the GALE|MINI telehealth solution, the GALE|Q Kit enables governments and municipalities to implement minimally disruptive quarantine policies by enabling effective monitoring of potentially infected individuals at home.

"Last week, Dr. Nancy Messonnier, Director of CDC's National Center for Immunization and Respiratory Diseases, urged hospitals to explore expanding telehealth services. The GALE|QKIT allows hospitals to quickly follow suit, and expand their telehealth offering to address quarantine's special needs," said Ram Fish, Founder & CEO of 19Labs.

The GALE|QKIT is tailored for viral respiratory infections such as Covid19. It allows clinicians to monitor patients' health using advanced clinical diagnostic devices such as the EKO™ digital stethoscope, pulse oximetry, and an infrared thermometer, all integrated through 19Labs' cloud-based HIPAA-compliant platform. The diagnostic devices are high quality, FDA approved, and easy to use, providing critical information to the clinicians in real-time. GALE's open architecture allows customers to address future epidemics by integrating other third-party diagnostic devices and test kits.

By communicating via Zoom© video conferencing, local authorities can leverage either their own community clinical teams or clinical teams from across the country. Local health authorities can educate patients through interactive guides, videos, webinars, and curated live web content, making the latest government and healthcare guidelines instantly and easily accessible.

The GALE solution can be quickly deployed as it does not require any IT integration efforts. It is HIPAA compliant and no health data is retained by 19Labs. The connection between patients and clinicians is encrypted, secure, and private. By leveraging off-the-shelf Samsung tablets, Android Enterprise, and new mobile technologies, 19Labs offers GALE at a fraction of the cost of legacy Windows-based healthcare solutions.

"As the number of infected persons grows, healthcare officials face increasingly difficult choices. Either hospitalizing patients with minor symptoms or allowing those individuals to stay at home away from clinical care," says Ram Fish. "Smart, affordable telehealth solutions minimize the need to transport patients back and forth to the hospital or to send healthcare workers to the patient's home. GALE|QKIT is a safe yet effective solution that lessens the burden on providers and hospitals while minimizing the risk of infection and promoting public health."

About 19Labs
19Labs GALE Platform is making healthcare accessible with effective, affordable telehealth point-of-care solutions for employers, pharmacies and rural communities.

The company's products include GALE|MINI, a managed Android Telehealth 2.0 application, and GALE|DMS Deployment Management cloud platform, allowing care organizations to cost-effectively support, manage and monitor deployments.

19Labs was founded in 2015 and is led by former Apple, Samsung, and Qualcomm executives. The company's investors include TransPacific Ventures, TEC Ventures, and Torrey Pines Ventures. 19Labs is based in Menlo Park, California and Victoria, British Columbia.

Source: 19Labs

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