News | January 2, 2018

HealthWare Has The Solution To Home Health Care Accessing Point Of Care If Internet Is Not Available

In home health care HealthWare sees problems with “Point of Care” if Internet access is not available and it could be 10 years before mobile Internet access is fully deployed. If waiting that long for help with Point of Care in areas with limited Internet connectivity is not an option, HealthWare has the solution, now!

Pensacola, FL (PRWEB) - It could be 10 years before Internet or Mobile access is fully deployed.

Today some rural areas still do not have Internet access or quality mobile access. Full availability to residents could be the result of a ten-year gradual process.

Chairman Ajit Pai of the FCC (Federal Communications Commission) said on April 3, 2017, “I’m pleased that we continue to move forward aggressively to close the digital divide in the United States. The Task Force I announce today will help ensure that taxpayer funds are allocated efficiently for rural broadband deployment, and that all Americans who want Internet access will be able to get it.”

Included in this report is the phrase quoted by Pai “to connect unserved and underserved locations over the next decade”

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Is waiting 10 years an option?

What if your Point of Care system requires Internet access via Wi-Fi or mobile data? Offline capabilities are needed for your field clinicians to operate effectively and efficiently. With offline capabilities, there is no need to write it down on paper and then enter it when you get a signal. With HealthWare, clinicians have access to the patients chart regardless of connectivity.

Some locations have weak or non-existent cellular service. If waiting up to 10 years for Internet or mobile deployment to take place in the areas you serve, consider a product that works both offline and online: HealthWare’s Point of Care applications InTouch and InTouch Lite, both with Hybrid Data.

Through close collaboration with clients, HealthWare has determined what features require being usable offline and where it makes sense to be online. Offline capability is critical at the bedside with the patient's chart on devices for easy reference and charting. With HealthWare, work offline when needed or use mobile data or Wi-Fi when available. You have distinct choices, and you can choose the system which best fits your organization’s needs. More information is available at

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Are you ready to take your agency to the next level? HealthWare is a Microsoft Cloud Partner. HealthWare’s vision is to help home health care, hospice care, personal care and private duty organizations work along with our Microsoft’s partnership to provide opportunities for efficient and innovative operations.

HealthWare is setup to handle all your agency's computing needs: from supplying software and services to the moving your agency to the cloud. You will be able to work from ANYWHERE! HealthWare’s relationship with Microsoft affords our clients unmatched proficiency.

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