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Healthcare And Social Services Providers Using Mobile And Wireless Data Collection Solutions

Source: MobileDataforce

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Case Study: Inclusion, Inc.

Inclusion, Inc. has provided 24 hour supported living care for over 10 years with offices throughout the state of Idaho. As a service provider for government funded services, Inclusion is required to collect, report and store large amounts of data collected in the field by mobile workers. This case study reviews Inclusion's experiences converting paper-based forms and manual processes to electronic data collection processes using mobility software and handheld mobile devices such as Palms, Pocket PCs, Tablet PCs, and Notebooks.

Topics coverend in this case study:

  • Converting Paper Forms to Electronic Forms on Mobile Devices
  • Developing Electronic Forms
  • Expanding the ROI
  • Project Outcome

The healthcare and social services industries require a large amount of documentation and data gathering. Assessing, evaluating, documenting clients and patients, tracking their progress individually and being able to review and use this data are all critically important. With MobileDataforce's Intercue Mobility Suite, Inclusion's processes are now mobilized in a way that provides benefits in the quality of care, reduced time and expenses, and increased productivity for each of their mobile workers.

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Case Study: Inclusion, Inc.