News | January 9, 2024

HD Nursing Pioneers Technology-Supported Falls And Injury Prevention For Hospital At Home Settings


HD Nursing, the leading patient safety solution that combines predictive analytics with individualized fall and pressure injury prevention, announces its groundbreaking tech-enabled initiatives specially designed for the Hospital at Home setting. This transformative level of care allows hospitals to extend their services to patients' homes, enhancing cost-effectiveness and improving patient outcomes.

“Falls remain a critical patient safety concern, especially when healthcare shifts from the hospital to the home,” says Dr. Amy Hester, PhD, RN, BC, FAAN, chairwoman and CEO, HD Nursing. “With over a decade of expertise in falls assessment and prevention tools for traditional hospital settings, we are successfully adapting resources to meet the unique challenges presented at home where the dynamic change in setting requires a tailored approach to falls prevention."

HD Nursing falls prevention tools, now seamlessly integrated into the Hospital at Home environment, ensure patients receive the highest standard of care while minimizing fall risks. HD Nursing's clients leveraging the opportunity to bring the Hospital at Home model to patients and families can maintain falls prevention protocols consistent with inpatient standards and access valuable insights from experts to incorporate this approach into their continuum of care.

Dr. Hester concludes, “Patient safety is always paramount, whether in a hospital room or the patient's own home. By extending falls prevention strategies beyond the traditional hospital walls, HD Nursing continues its commitment to enhancing patient safety and improving healthcare outcomes across diverse care settings.”

About HD Nursing

HD Nursing is the dominant patient safety solution that combines predictive analytics with individualized fall and fall injury prevention patient care. Offering the only fall risk assessment tool validated in the electronic medical record, and a program that is a comprehensive, evidence-based approach to reduce patient falls and injuries, the HD Nursing falls solution is employed by leading health systems and academic medical centers across the U.S. Leveraging EHR functionality and communication technologies, new HD Programs in Community Fall Prevention and Pressure Injury Prevention, showcase HD Nursing's dedication to improving multiple patient safety initiatives across the continuum of care. Since the company's inception in 2012, HD Nursing has been fully committed to the promotion of diversity, equity and inclusion, which are essential in its constant pursuit of excellence as a national leader in patient safety.

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