News | October 18, 2022

HCAN And Zemplee Team Up To Tackle Professional Caregiver Shortage

Santa Clara,CA and Omaha, NE (PRWEB) - Former PayPal and eBay Executives Leverage Tech to Help Seniors Age in Place

The HomeCare Advocacy Network (HCAN) and Zemplee, a technology platform that utilizes attentive artificial intelligence (AI) and passive sensors to help seniors age safely in their homes, today announced they are joining forces to deliver a high-tech, hybrid mode of combined home care. Through this joint venture, the two companies will bundle their distinct services into an offering that will elevate the quality of care while addressing the pressing caregiver shortage.

Without cameras or microphones, Zemplee AI monitors a senior’s daily living activities, helping caregivers and family members remotely verify the senior’s health, wellbeing, and safety. The passive devices and attentive AI interprets dining habits, medication intake, activity level, sleep patterns, and other vital details. It then creates a behavioral determinant of health to ensure seniors can age safely in place.

“We are excited to now be able to deliver seniors and their families access to the real-time monitoring of vital statistics to, in turn, lower hospital readmission or trips to the emergency room,” said Mark Goetz, co-founder, and president of HCAN. “With a tight labor market and increased numbers of seniors aging in place, we need to become more tech-savvy to keep clients safe and healthy.”

Goetz, a PayPal alum, and Zemplee founder and CEO Aparna Pujar, a former eBay executive, have reimagined the symbiotic relationship that existed between their two previous companies to take on senior care, one of the fastest-growing industries in the country.

“This dynamic partnership enables both organizations to further develop home care in the cloud”, said Pujar. “By combining technology and AI with a superior human touch and medical and clinical supervision through a remote patient monitoring solution, our combined efforts will better help seniors age in place and have better life outcomes, while reducing care costs in the health system”.

Under the terms of the deal the two companies will cross promote their services and bundle their respective offerings. HCAN will also assist in the installation and activation of the Zemplee system in home, perform periodic checks of the system

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About HCAN
HCAN is a leading provider of meaningful and results-oriented home care connections for seniors and their loved ones. be the foremost provider of meaningful and results-oriented home care connections for seniors and their loved ones.

About Zemplee
Zemplee is a technology platform that utilizes Attentive AI and passive sensors to help the elderly age in place gracefully, with round-the-clock remote monitoring capabilities for caregivers that improves quality of life and reduces hospitalizations without comprising privacy. Co-founders Aparna Pujar and Gary Fowler combined decades of experience in Silicon Valley hi-tech companies and clinical care to develop artificial intelligence applications and unobtrusive sensors that power Zemplee’s innovative remote elderly care system.

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