News | November 26, 2018

Global Partnership For Telehealth Announces Partnership With Cloud DX

The South Georgia nonprofit has partnered with the health tech company to expand remote patient monitoring.

Waycross, GA (PRWEB) - Global Partnership for Telehealth has established a strategic partnership with Canada-based remote patient monitoring software and hardware provider, Cloud DX.

“GPT is aware of the increasing importance of remote patient monitoring and of its growing role in the telehealth landscape,” said Sherrie Williams, COO of Global Partnership for Telehealth. “Since remote patient monitoring is a service that GPT doesn’t provide, we’re looking to Cloud DX to fill that gap."

Both Williams and Larry Steinberg, EVP and Co-founder of Cloud DX, said that the partnership will open new avenues for both companies.

“Remote Patient Monitoring is on the minds today of healthcare leadership across the spectrum of payers and providers to help reduce overall costs while also creating better patient outcomes, improve patient satisfaction, and improve patient compliance,” Steinberg said. “With the new reimbursement codes for RPM and risk share models being considered, the healthcare industry is poised for many new programs to start in 2019. Our partnership with GPT will help expand our reach and visibility in the regions they operate while also filling a need that their customers are asking for.”

Global/Georgia Partnership for Telehealth (GPT) is a nonprofit corporation whose mission is to deliver worldwide access to healthcare by leveraging technology. With a 12-year track record of success developing and implementing sustainable, cost-effective telehealth programs, we are the leading agency globally focused on increasing access to healthcare through innovative use of technology. Currently, GPT manages a network of more than 650 endpoints, including partner providers, health systems, schools, universities, long-term care facilities, correctional facilities, and international mission projects. For more information, visit our website at

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