News | April 20, 2020

FemtoDx Launches Rapid At-Home Test Development For COVID-19


FemtoDx today announced development is underway for at-home COVID-19 tests that will take under five minutes. FemtoDx will develop, manufacture and distribute the tests directly to patients and providers at a low cost. It will empower patients, de-centralize and democratize access to tests and lessen the burden for health care providers by eliminating the need for a lab or technician.

“This rapid, at-home test will enable more scalable and efficient testing of COVID-19 that is substantially equivalent to the current gold-standard lab tests,” said Dr. Raj Mohanty, CEO and founder, FemtoDx. “Our approach is fundamentally a paradigm shift in that patients can perform the test themselves at home without needing a lab or technician. More importantly, time from sample to result is less than five minutes. Such a robust platform will be critical in the fight against this virus and others in future pandemics.”

Dr. David Weaver, FemtoDx’s Chief Scientific Officer, is leading the COVID-19 development effort. FemtoDx’s test uses the same indicators that are analyzed in a traditional reference lab. The test will be performed by the patients at home, or by health care providers at other points of care, with an easy-to-use device, which is connected to the cloud and patients’ electronic medical records for immediate intervention when needed.

“Such a rapid diagnostic test would allow patients and providers to reliably determine whether they have a COVID-19 infection and help reduce the spread of the virus,” said Dr. S.V. Mahadevan, an emergency medicine doctor treating COVID-19 patients in the frontlines in Palo Alto, CA. “Getting the test into the hands of these individuals could further flatten the curve while protecting patients, their families and healthcare providers from avoidable exposure to the virus.”

FemtoDx has existing manufacturing partnerships with global leaders to enable large-scale production and mass distribution directly to patients and providers at low cost for at-home screening, diagnosis and therapeutic assistance.

FemtoDx’s COVID-19 direct-to-consumer test was created using systems from an existing platform and it eliminates the need for a dedicated lab.

Founded on years of academic research, FemtoDx is committed to providing the resources to solve some of the most challenging problems and transform current healthcare solutions. We perform product design, development, and manufacturing in partnership with the country’s leading companies.

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