Source: CMO, Inc. is the place to find CMO Incorporated on the web
CMO, is the place to find CMO Incorporated on the web.

Visitors to the site can view the complete CMO line of products developed for superior lumbar, abdominal, knee, thigh, wrist, elbow, and ankle support. Also included are CMO specialty supports, such as the LumboThoracic and LumboThoracic S supports and the Bariatric Support Plus brace, and industrial back supports.

Highlighted in a separate section is the Loving Comfort® Maternity Support Family. The Loving Comfort® line is comprised of Loving Comfort® Maternity Support, Mother-To-Be® Maternity Support, Loving Comfort® Postpartum Support and Loving Comfort® Breast Binder. In addition to product features, the Loving Comfort® section provides informative information on a clinical research study performed at a major university detailing the safety and efficacy of Mother-To-Be® Maternity Support. Links on this section allow the user to access other maternity-related web sites.

Part of the site is devoted to CMO's new full-color retail packaging, featuring color product photography and feature/benefit callouts. Point-of-purchase literature, mailers, header cards as well as the pre-set two- and four-foot planograms are available from CMO.

"About Us" offers a brief company history.

Visitors to the site receive instructions for requesting a copy of the new CMO catalog. The entire catalog, as well as individual product section of specific interest to the user, is available online as a downloadable PDF file.

For more information on the full line of products available from CMO Incorporated, visit our new web site or call 800-344-0011.

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